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Android Player FAQ

I’m having issues with Feint on my device, is there anything you can do?

We’ve done extensive testing with a lot of devices, but if you’re having problems please use our contact form; let us know what kind of Android device you have (with OS version) and what problems you’re experiencing. We’ll do our best to investigate.
How much does Feint cost to use?

Feint is completely free to users and developers. Note that we do use data transmission to log in, post high scores, and unlock achievements. If you do not have an unlimited data plan please be aware that some transmission will occur.
Why do you need my email address?

If you ever forget your password we can send you a new one right away. We will never sell your contact information and we do not send spam. You can, however, opt-in for a player marketing newsletter if you wish.
How do I change my profile picture / email address / username?

Go here!
Why can’t I connect to Facebook or Twitter?

We’re working hard to add features to the Android version of Openfeint and social notifications will be part of an upcoming release. Thanks for your patience!
Why isn’t my device supported in X game?

We are working with our developers to support the most number of devices possible, but unfortunately we can’t support everything. If you’d like us to take a closer look at supporting a specific device, please use the contact form to let us know.

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