Osmos HD $1 sale on Google Play


Back in 2012, we declared Osmos HD as one of the very best games of the year, one that any type of self-respecting Android geek shouldn’t lose out. With its strong 5-star rankings on Google Play and a loads around honors under its belt, it was an easy referral to make.

If somehow you have yet to pick up Osmos HD, there’s never ever a better time to do so compared to today, as the competition has actually been given the discount treatment– thanks to Mr. Springtime. You can easily purchase Osmos HD for a plain $0.99 from Google Play.

The rate cut is a great incentive, but it’s the straightforward, yet habit forming physics-based gameplay and the electro-hypnotic soundtrack that will gain you over– furthermore that the graphics are pretty out of this globe too.

Exactly how basic is the game? As a not so plainly specified organism, your objective is to take in other smaller sized organisms to grow, while steering clear of the larger predators. You can easily squeeze to zoom, getting to remove mass, and flick to contort time. The game includes two modes, Odyssey and Gallery, along with a combined 72 levels to finish. Guess we ought to likewise inform you that you’ll be dealing with opponents along with some challenging AI.

We’ve embedded the video clip trailer above so you can easily get a pretty good feeling of exactly how the competition runs. Feel free to check it out.

Are you a supporter of Osmos HD? Expecting give the game a try? Struck the remarks listed below.

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