Panasonics Android remote for a smart House


It’s 2012. Isn’t it about time we lived in futuristic, technological wonder homes? Shouldn’t all the appliances in our houses be “smart” by now? The rate of progress towards fully automated smart homes with Internet connected everything has been depressingly slow, but Panasonic is aiming to change all of that.The company just announced a new Android app, called the Panasonic Smart App, which is designed to help with home automation and work seamlessly with a range of smart appliances. We’re talking about washing machines, steam ovens, refrigerators, and air conditioning units here. The app allows you to operate the appliances, program settings, and see the energy savings they make.

The app uses NFC technology and a network connection to communicate with the appliances.Panasonic already allows customers to use cloud-based services to search for recipes and program cooking instructions into their steam ovens and rice cookers via an Android app. The new range of appliances will allow you to set your air conditioner from outside the home, check up on how the fridge is doing, or start a wash cycle on your washing machine.A slightly more useful-sounding application of the technology is being rolled out for healthcare devices such as the EW-FA43 body composition monitor, the EW-NK63 calorie meter and the EW-BW53 blood pressure monitor.Now that I’ve built up your excitement, I’m afraid it’s time to crush those dreams, unless you happen to live in Japan where the appliances will launch on September 25. No word yet on when they’ll reach the rest of the world.

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