PayPal Android app updated, includes card scanning


When it comes to personal payment systems, there are actually several options out there. For many people though, PayPal is still the king. The PayPal experience is one that is easy and works well across multiple platforms, including PC and mobile. Today, PayPal has announced a new version of PayPal Android app, further improving the experience for Android users.

The newest version has a brand new theme and layout that is dramatically different, with its brown, orange and gray color scheme. The color scheme is designed to fit alongside new guidelines set for Google’s Holo UI.The new PayPal Android app also is designed to give you overviews of important information much more quickly. The ‘start’ page for the app has things like pending balances, available totals, and even allows you to take a photo of your payment cards to add them to your account. Not surprisingly, the app continues to focus on PayPal local merchant features, allowing you to learn more about local merchants using a local business search tool integrated into the app.Other improvements include many bug fixes and better compatibility with Android ICS. The newest version of the app is available now through Google Play.

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