PetraVis v 0.6.23 Apk HD


One of the most well-known game of the android marketplace is PetraVis apk v 0.6.23 mobile software game which is manufactured by the Andre Dotcom firm. The Andre Dotcom firm develops the actual software for the android main system mobile phone. So all your android mobile phone user may collect your software from mediafire, bittorrent and 4shared. You’ll be able to collect the actual software from down below free download web addresses without any charge.

PetraVis apk v 0.6.23 New version apk information:

Game name : PetraVis apk v 0.6.23
Class: Arcade & Actions
Developer business: Andre Dotcom
Apk Size: 1.1M
Participate in. Google price: $0.Sixty three and download becoming free from beneath
Recommended system: 2.1 and up
Recent current: June 10, 2012

Description and also Core Characteristics on PetraVis apk v 0.6.23:

PetraVis works as a game that areas the player in to a world produced from blocks. Obstructs may be eradicated by rooting them as well as new obstructs could very well be inserted nearby various other blocks. Brand new worlds could possibly be created and are also immediately rescued. Present sides may be packed. It can be quite inspired by simply Minecraft Pocket Model, BlockWorld and Minebuilder.

PetraVis apk v 0.6.23 Key Features:

– Standard lighting and also shadows.
– Atmosphere and seashore surrounding the sides.Procedurally produced landscape.
– Level, sphere, chart terrain.
– Searching and getting new prevents.
– Globe saving/loading.
– Adjustments saving/loading.
– Torches as well as ladders
– Small piggies
– Cup
– Plants
– Fresh mushrooms
– Rails as well as minecart

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