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We’re big fans of Top 10 (or 8, or 5) lists here at Nokia Connects, and as it is #NCPhotoWeek what better than the 10 best apps available for tweaking your snaps after you’ve pressed that camera button on your Nokia? Not a hipster who wants ‘insta’ results? No worries, there are plenty of other (arguably better, more versatile) apps out there to choose from.

1. Molome

Let’s start with a standard, about which you will be able to read a whole heap more on these pages on Saturday (in a special Nokiapp Showdown featuring the imaging King and Queen). Molome has a heap of options that you can add post-snap, allowing you to enjoy ‘cool effects beyond creativity’. Whether you need to get creative with your pics is debatable, but Molome certainly gives you the option.

2. Thumba Photo Editor
With more than 70 adjustments, this app reckons that becoming ‘a professional photographer has never been so easy!’ Not quite sure that filters will make you ‘professional’, but they can certainly improve your already stellar Lumia shots. What’s more, Thumba is fully integrated with the Pictures Hub, so seamless editing is but a step away.
$0.99CAD from Windows Phone Marketplace

3. Photo Studio
At first look, this appears to be a standard editor, with the ability to crop, zoom, pan etc. There’s filters such as colour pop, posterize and red eye reduction. The examples on the download page in the Marketplace, however, show that there’s more to this app than meets the eye. Take a look at the Golden Gate Bridge example.
$2.99CAD from Windows Phone Marketplace

4. Pictures Lab

Being called the ‘Swiss Army knife of photo tweaks’ is a ringing endorsement, and this app seems to be able to back it up. Any app with a Tilt Shift filter gets a thumbs up from me. I love that effect. The ability to combine effects is also quite handy for enhancing then blurring and shifting.
$2.99CAD from Windows Phone Marketplace

5. Ztitch
Despite the name, this seems to be quite a handy app to have for creating your 360° image. Far from just stitching (or should that be ztitching?) your snaps, it claims to put your pics ‘inside a 3D space’. I’m guessing this means taking snaps of the floor and sky will enable you to complete a ‘semi-3D’ environment. Not checked this out yet, but it’s definitely on the list! There’s a ‘+’ version too, that promises a quicker ztitch.
Free or $0.99CAD from Windows Phone Marketplace

Two months yesterday I finally decided to buy E63 nokia phone , in addition to this phone is the QWERTY keypad, WiFi & 3G, this phone also has strengthened s60v3 symbian operating system and that certainly is more ok than on the phone that still using java operations, after a few days I was brain-tweaking nokia E63 mobile phone there is no photo editing features??.Indeed, if there’s certainly no shortage of advantages. How we order to supply the deficiency. Ok on with it. here will I love a way to cover the shortage E63 no photo editor that is by application IDesigner, I think this application has more features for editing photos than cell phone features built-in photo editor nokia other. This application can also be used for nokia s60v3 than E63.

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