Photo editing apps for painting


PhotoViva is a simple, flexible photo editing and freeform painting application designed to transform your images into works of art. Download it from the App Store today. New version 2.0 available now.

Pixel Power

PhotoViva is a powerful application for photo editing and freeform painting. It can help you transform your pictures into expressive and colorful works of art. In addition to tools for enhancing your photos, there are paint brushes that let you make abstract painted interpretations of photos. You can select a brush and copy image features by cloning or painting. Brushes can track the direction of movement, or you can set the brush direction. You can also change the hue, saturation and blur of brush strokes as you go.PhotoViva is compatible with all generations of iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad running iOS version 3.0 or newer. Anyone with a keen eye for photography will appreciate the elegance and simplicity of FX Photo Studio HD. Everything is so well laid out that within minutes you will feel at home using the app, and you will wonder how you ever lived without it.If you are an existing user of the companion iPhone or Mac apps, then you will appreciate the conformity in user interface design between the versions.The app can accept a series of photographs and images from various sources. Users of the iPad 2 and the new iPad will be able to use the front and rear facing cameras to capture photographs directly within the app.Your Camera Roll and Photo Stream are also available for importing photographs, or screen captures from your device, as you would expect.

Launch window showing photographic import options.
More interesting though is the non-standard import options. You can import from the Clipboard, Facebook, or the in-app Documents folder that is accessible via iTunes App File Sharing.The clipboard option is interesting as it allows you to cut or copy content from another app or even a website. It is certainly useful for anyone creating or referencing web based material. The Clipboard option essentially becomes your paste command within the app.

Filters and Effects

Once you have your selected photograph open in the app, you will be presented with a control bar at the top of the display, and the available effects will be on the right hand side. When selecting certain filters or effects, additional specific controls will be displayed underneath the photograph. This allows you to alter aspects such as the contrast and brightness of the filter.You will notice when using the specific controls that the ability to draw a mask is also available. Selecting this option will present a new, full featured, area of the app that allows you to take the selected filter and literally paint it onto different areas of the photograph.To ensure accuracy, the developer has incorporated a viewing box. This allows the user to see exactly where their finger is located within the photograph, without blocking the area that is currently being modified. If you’re a little overzealous there is always the Erase FX button that allows you, with the same accuracy, to reduce the painted effect.

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