Pinterest Android app finally launched


Launched about two years ago, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social services in the world and will most likely spread its tentacles even further now that it has gotten into the mobile space. Having been reported as engaging 11.7 million desktop unique users in January 2012, Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp’s creation became the third largest social network in the United States by March of this year.Still, Pinterest’s real potential seemed to be almost impossible to measure, as the website had been functioning on an invite-only basis until a few weeks ago. Now that those restrictions have fallen it was about time for the social photo sharing service to join Android and Apple’s iPads in an attempt to conquer the mobile online universe as well.Pinterest really took its time to design a native Android app for the social sharing service, but now that it’s finally out it seems like everything people expected it to be. And when I say people, I mean female mobile users first and foremost, as the social network still seems to be targeted more toward our better halves.That said, gals (and guys in touch with their feminine sides) owning an Android device running Froyo and up will now be able to pin new content, browse categories, follow other users and repin photos on the go and hassle-free. The app’s user interface is elegant, straightforward and easy to use and master. In short, it’s perfect. Better yet, it’s free. So hopefully, you’ll stop looking for perfection from enthusiasts like us, and be thankful for Pinterest’s excellence.

Surprisingly enough, Pinterest seems to have really hit an Android home run in a first-at-bat. We can’t say the same about other social networks (you know what I’m talking about), which have needed a long time to design a bug and glitch-free app. Some of them haven’t even made it so far. As far as we can tell right now, the Pinterest app is truly glitch-free and supported by any decent Android device, which is surely no small feat.In fact, based on the initial user feedback on Google Play, it seems almost like the first release of the Android Pinterest app is just as functional and “competitive” as version 2.0 on Apple’s iPhone. Now that’s what I call success and commitment!Has anyone tried out the free app? Is it as smooth and functional as some people seem to think? Do you have anything to complain about?

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