Popular 10 Best Android Apps of 2012 So Far


Applications have come a long distance, and now, a smartphone or perhaps tablet would be absolutely nothing without apps. As a result, we’ve collected 30 of the best Android apps, the two free and paid. Through essentials in order to games, these apps help keep you fixed to your smartphone and even perhaps make your day a tiny better and simpler.

We’ve also made a comprehensive three-part movie series so that you can see the apps in depth. Check out the video clips below.

Cut The Rope

Cut the Rope started as an iOS app at the end of 2010. Last but not least, after the Android community with patience waited inside agony, Zepto Laboratory brought the overall game to Android.
The key objective in the game is always to catch one or more star for each level prior to delivering the particular piece of chocolate to Om Nom (the particular hungry tiny green creature). To get close to saws, spiders, and also spikes, you need to cut rules, pop pockets, and travel through wonderful hats. In line with the game’s Google Play Keep description, more than 60 trillion people have previously played Cut The Rope, and yes it currently contains a 4.7 superstar average ranking.

After purchasing the sport for 98 cents, it will be possible to play Two hundred and fifty levels of Cut the Rope with “New Quantities Coming Soon”. New bins (groups of 30 levels) are let go about each and every few months, and the video game itself is very addicting.

Voxer Walkie-Talkie

Perhaps you have wanted to miss dialing phone figures and securing? If you’re trying to turn the phone into a “push to be able to talk” live walkie-talkie, and then Voxer is the app to suit your needs.

Voxer gives your own Android 2.2+ device to be able to instantly speak with your friends and family above Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Advantage, etc. Moreover, if you can’t speak, the words, text, picture and location choices all effortlessly integrated into one particular conversation.

Your app works similar to a real walkie-talkie. In the event the other person articulates, you see it almost instantly. And also, if you’re not really near your current phone, every tone of voice and chitchat message is actually saved pertaining to later play back. Voxer also offers 0 advertisements and also group conversations. Everything is free and is cross-platform among iPhone and Android. Above 5 million everyone has downloaded your app already upon Android alone. Once you download Voxer, it is possible to sync with your Facebook accounts to see if your mates use Voxer and to let them know that you simply now have your app.


It seems like a new sort of “G” comes out yearly. To see the internet connection compares, Speedtest.net has always been the particular #1 assessment program.

The particular app is available upon all Android 1.6+ gadgets and is 100% totally free. Upon getting Speedtest.net, you will be able to check your called ping and obtain and publish speeds. Moreover, the app instantly saves each and every test that you just record in your device, together with the type of files connection (Wi-Fi, Third generation, etc.), the particular date the exam took place, and every one of the registered information. Ultimately, if you’re about your data rates, Speedtest.net even enables you to export your current results because a CSV file from your Android gadget.

GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera

GIF (Images Interchange File format) images let pictures to find life by way of animation. Basically, a GIF impression allows a number of “frames” to be lumped directly into one graphic and exhibited one to another, resulting in the animation.

GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera gives GIF impression creation to be able to Android in a quite easy and easy to utilize app. The app can “Wow your friends with high-res, neat Animated Digi pics!”

The app will take a bunch of photos at a arranged shutter speed. After that, after you have decided on the pictures you desire to use (which include access to the local photo collection), GifBoom quickly becomes those images into the animated Presen. Finally, you are able to play that will animation forward and backward in addition to “One Faucet Instant revealing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, E mail and MMS”.


Did you ever hear a song for the radio that you simply can’t remember the identify of? Shazam pertaining to Android will be able to note that song very quickly. The app actually works such as magic!

After Shazam features identified the song, you’ll be able to listen to a 30-second survey, share the idea, play it within Spotify, get visit info, and in many cases see complete screen words of the tune of the tune with LyricPlay. Shazam has become so well received that you can also tag Shows and adverts when you see your Shazam logo. In spite of there getting a paid sort of the app (Shazam Encore), the disposable version provides unlimited paying attention to. However, if you need to free yourself involving advertisements as well as contribute to the particular Shazam creators, you should buy the paid for version pertaining to $4.99.

Light Flow

The most effective yet unappreciated features of the majority of Android devices is the LED notice light. Products such as the Galaxy Nexus as well as original Motorola droid mobile phone feature Guided notification lamps. To fully uncover the potential of this specific notification system, you will need to take control with Light Flow.

Each versions involving Light Flow work with out root entry and help a wide variety of alert types. As the lite edition will only enable you to control large of simple notifications (Text message, e-mail, missed telephone calls, etc.), the entire version of Light Flow enables “about 140 distinct notifications”. Both types also permit custom announcements by get in touch with.

The two types vary drastically, and to discover a comparison, check this out incredibly lengthy list of the variances between the paid and free versions.

SMS Popup

Notices are great. Along with, now that you understand how to control the actual LED gentle with Light Flow, the SMS Popup app, alongside with Light Flow, will create a terrific notification label team.

SMS Popup can be a free request that exhibits your inbound SMS mail messages in a wonderful “popup” dialog. Moreover, the app permits custom notices by make contact with and has practical buttons positioned just below what it’s all about. After acquiring a message, SMS Popup places you one particular tap far from sending a speedy reply. Moreover, after you close up the pop up box, the message will be automatically notable as “read”. A great optional personal privacy mode is available to disguise the sender’s title and concept contents.

Chrome Beta

In case you’re a true lover of Android’s dad Google, you would be fairly familiar with your Chrome sequence. Chrome changed from a internet browser (number 2 the majority of used) to a operating system (with regard to “Chromebooks”). And now, just after the release associated with Ice Cream Meal, Chrome has grown to be a mobile browser.

Chrome has grown to be famous for the speed, simpleness, and syncing features. Furthermore, Chrome Beta regarding Android features Google’s unique omnibox (the single lookup bar with regard to web record, Googling things, bookmarks plus much more). Omnibox only uses up about a 1/4? from the screen. In the event that you’re familiar with Stainless, you know that higher than the omnibox is all of one’s open navigation bars. Google knows that you would like to maximize your display screen and has used the standard tabs system away. Rolling around in its place is a cool swiping characteristic that is similar to a deck. The signals are understated, fast, as well as work with a limitless amount of navigation bars.

Finally, it is possible to sync up your Google consideration and see every one of the tabs that you’ve open upon any other each of your Chrome units.

Chrome to Phone

If you’re an enthusiastic Chrome person on your mobile computer or personal computer, chances are that you wish to be able to bring your Internet with your body on its mobile device. Chrome Beta regarding Android offers the capability to see all your open an eye on your computer. Nonetheless, if you don’t possess Ice Cream Sub, Chrome Beta is out of picture.

Therefore, Chrome to Phone lets you click 1 button on your pc in Firefox, and the website is easily sent to your current phone as a alert. When you’re all set, simply click the particular notification along with Chrome to Phone will open up the link with your default web browser on your phone. There you are! It is quick and marvelous.

If you are considering sending sites in the opposite direction, out of your phone to Firefox, download Phone 2 Opera from the Android Market place.


A lot of folks claim to possess “photographic memories”. But for the everyone else, even the most significant things go in one particular ear as well as out the other. ColorNote is the foremost notepad expertise for your Android system.

ColorNote allows you to publish text, check-lists, and paperwork and also determine each note a diverse color. In the event that you’re keeping techniques, you can also secure your notes through outsiders. Additionally, if composing a note simply is not adequate enough to help you keep in mind daily responsibilities and other details, ColorNote allows you to arranged reminders as well as pin a notice to your position bar. Last but not least, ColorNote even lets you stick the important points to your home page with the ColorNote golf widget.

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