Popular Ten Excellent Android Apps For Comic Lovers


Here is an incredible list of 10 amusing apps for the comic-hungry. Perfect for those who take pleasure in a healthy diet involving graphic storytelling, not simply are these types of apps the perfect electronic digital medium for e-reading, but you are all no cost. Whether it’s Manga, American, Euromerican (?) or underground assortment, these apps a re also tailor made for each and every manner of tastes out there.

jjComics Viewer

A classic classic? Drill down this: jjViewer had been the first of this type. Back then, that broke new floor as the merely comic viewers app on Android. Really a feat. It’s nonetheless relevant nowadays and has a reliable track record powering it.


A famous image viewers that’s CBZ and CBR agreeable.

Mango Manga Reader

All your favored Manga on one totally free app. This is for correct believers associated with Manga though therefore don’t expect it is an all-around audience.

Manga Watcher

Same as over, except that can be has really a reputation for to be the best of this category.

XKCD Viewer

Unique amid comic apps, your XKCD Viewer features whole panels on-screen, turning your reading encounter into a slide show. Some will dsicover this helpful.

Comic Strips

This can be best suited for reading through stuff you’d generally find in the amusing papers. Strips mainly.

Vintage Comic Droid

This particular app can be for true experts. If the consumer craves outdated comics from a past era, Vintage Comic Droid could be the ultimate alternative.

Droid Comic Viewer

Though it can easily supposedly assistance any witty format, it’s a ideal fit for Manga, enabling for right to remaining reading as well as other Manga-centric habits.


A one among a kind app that’s a repository for a few 500 titles or higher. Publishers have got even connected with the designers to create completely unique content.

Comic Reader Mobi

A comic readers for mobile phones in whose strength is compresing pages in to a mobile phone screen for a straightforward reading expertise.

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