Productivity apps designers 2012


Everyone can benefit from productivity apps, and the iPhone and iPad are great devices for getting things done, whether that’s managing your tasks and projects or actually doing work. The fact they are portable means that you can have all the information you need to plan and deliver work with you at all times. In the words of David Allen – whose book Getting Things Done has been a big influence of how many of us manage work and life – they provide a single “trusted system” that you can dump ideas, thoughts, and tasks into, to organise and manage later.

They’re like an outboard brain, storing stuff to stop it buzzing around your subconscious. In this section, we look at apps which help you get stuff done, included task managers, planners and spreadsheets.A free task manager like no other, 30/30 works by getting you to set times for a list of tasks. Start the timer, and when the time is done it moves on to the next task. It’s simple, great-looking, and can be very effective.A genuinely beautiful, simple and elegant task manager, Clear gained a huge amount of attention for its innovative gesture-based interface, but it’s also a highly-effective way of keeping a list of things to do. Anip at £1.99/$2.99.Simple lists don’t work for everyone and if you’re the kind of person who needs to be reminded to do something, Due is a great app to carry around. It focuses on reminders and does it better than Apple’s default app. Priced £2.99/$4.99.The big daddy of GTD-style task management, OmniFocus isn’t cheap (£13.99 / $19.99), but it’s the most powerful way of managing a lot of projects that can be split into sub-tasks. There’s nothing it can’t do, and it looks great, as well. Small businesses should consider this.Good things come in small packages, and though you may not have considered it, the iPhone can be a pretty handy design tool. Stocked with the right apps it can pack some real punch in the studio – and more importantly, out of it.Despite some strong competition from recent new phone launches, the iPhone continues to be the main smartphone of choice for the design world, and so we’ve rounded up the very best iPhone apps around to help your day to day design workload.So whether you plan to do some sketching on the move, are after a particular tool to aid your daily design work, or prefer to take things more seriously with something to help you manage your projects, time and money, there’s a great selection of must-have apps here.A valuable reference resource for anyone passionate about working with type, complete with practical hints and tips for setting text, working with special characters and getting to grips with the terminology involved. There are also neat little tools such as an Em Calculator for scalable web type, and a font-size ruler.This official app from the undisputed kings of colour acts as a digital swatch book, including over 13,000 colours from the Pantone Plus Series and beyond. You can use it to match hues from photos, generate harmonious colour palettes and then share them, or synch them with your design software programs of choice.Dubbed a “precision 2D vector drawing and design” app, iDesign features a unique offset drawing tool that enables you to draw accurately with a fingertip without blocking your own view. It features advanced point and shape editing functionality, and is well suited to drawing on the move.

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