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College can undoubtedly cause loads of stress, so you should take every measure possible to make life a little easier. Enter your Android phone. This little device is capable of a lot, including everything from calculating your GPA to finding and purchasing the cheapest available textbooks. So, do your homework, and find the best apps for school and college life. Here are 40 great ones to consider right off the bat — most are free, but if they aren’t, it’s indicated in the brief descriptions.


Utilize pdf-notes to manage all the pdf files on your iPad. Fast display, quick page-turning even a thousand pages, useful finger-writing and email your notes to your friends.There are many pdf readers allow you to annotate; but do you know which app allows you can write any notes in a second? If you are using pdf-notes, you may experience very fast and intuitive finger-writing like: zoom-in and note by double-tap or; writing with one finger, page-turning with two fingers, pen-changing with three fingers. Easy importing PDF files through (DropBox, Email or Safari’s) “Open In…” or iTunes. Categorized multiple bookshelves(booklists) with powerful search;Displaying pages as optimized size 1024×768 of iPad.


Organize your schedule. Share your notes. Ace your a free app that has some features similar to iStudiez Pro. It is a good basic app for organizing your terms, courses and daily calendar but it also has the additional benefit of note-taking with the app. So, your notes are organized for you within your courses and your daily schedule. However, there are some important features within the note-taking option that allow it to stand out: when note-taking you have the option to record audio (even in the background), insert or take a picture as well as file-share. All useful options for students with LDs, as students can benefit from audio and visual enhancements to printed notes as well as the tight integration of reminders of due dates of tasks in courses.

CoursePro manages your workload
For just $2.99, CoursePro can keep track of your courses, assignments and grades. With this app, you’ll never be out of the loop.

myDAY for your notes

myDay is a journal and note application that allows you to keep a chronological record of your daily activities.

Thinking Space organizes your thoughts
The official Mind Mapping app allows you to organize and plan ideas and activities.

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