Public preview of tablet-optimized Tapatalk HD Android app


For those who find a second home in online forums and communities, the Tapatalk forum app makes it easier to hop from one topic to another and participate in the discussions – among other things – while on their Android devices. But tablet owners can’t help to feel that the app isn’t really optimized to use on a bigger screen.

The plea to release a tablet-specific Tapatalk app isn’t lost on the developer, as it is introducing a beta version of the app — dubbed as the Tapatalk HD.

If you don’t mind the bugs and various hiccups that one can expect from a beta release, you can get Tapatalk HD right here – but note that you have to sign up for it. As listed on the support forum, there are many niggles that need to be worked on, such as the lack of moderating and search feature. The team is also still working on the UI to improve the screen real estate and overall reading experience.

Other kinks that still need to be ironed out include the inability to auto rotate, no full screen, crashing widget, no favorites, and the absence of a pull notification – though a push notification apparently will be added soon.

The Tapatalk HD app is developed mostly on a 7-inch tablet, most likely the Google Nexus 7, so it is optimized for this screen size. But it should work on all tablets running at least Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. If you’re thinking of giving it a whirl, make sure you notify the team for any bugs and errors that you might encounter while running the app.What would be really great would be if the forum vendors who add annoying popups to their forum software that try to get you to buy Tapatalk would instead just make their sites mobile-friendly. Other than the possibility of push notifications, which are overkill given the email notifications forum software has already had for decades, there is no need to install yet another separate app to participate in web forums except for deliberately mobile-unfriendly design on the part of the forum developers.

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