Rayman Jungle Run comes to Android


Rayman Jungle Run showed up last week for iOS, and yesterday it made its way to the Google Play Store. Fans of platforming, puzzling and mobile gaming in general are nearly guaranteed to enjoy the game.

While it was supposed to debut alongside the iOS version last week, the Android version of Rayman Jungle Run was delayed by a week so the developers could ensure compatability with a wide range of Android devices. As they promised, it’s here, and it seems that it was worth the wait.

While at first glance, Rayman Jungle Run may appear to be just another “run forever” type of game, it has far more in common with Rayman’s platforming roots on videogame consoles. There are all the tricky jumps, enemies to dispatch, and collectibles to grab that you would expect from a classic platformer. Though it shares much with the classic Rayman games, the one-touch controls make it far easier to play on your phone or tablet.

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