Redbox app for Android brings better browsing


While users of the Redbox movie rental service are growing in number, so were frustrations with the Redbox app for Android. An update, now available in the Google Play Store, fixes a number of issues while adding some useful features.

While previous versions of the Redbox app for Android failed to include even basic sorting options, the new update brings the ability to sort by date or alphabetical order. New filtering additions such as the ability to sort Blu-Ray discs by genre should make rentals far easier for users than the previous versions of the app.

The Redbox app now supports push notifications, so users no longer need to opt-in to emails or text messages from Redbox to have access to coupon codes or update news. Users can also now input coupon codes directly into the app when making reservations.Unfortunately, users who were hoping to see instant streaming added to the app in this update will be disappointed. While Redbox announced earlier this year that it would be teaming up with Verizon to bring instant streaming to customers, no options related to streaming were added in this update.

Even with the lack of streaming features, this update is a step in the right direction, and previously-frustrated users of Redbox’s mobile experience should find it much more useful. Hopefully, the next update will bring streaming, and won’t be too long in coming.Have you grabbed the updated Redbox app for Android yet? Are you disappointed in the lack of instant streaming, or just happy to have the fixes?

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