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Android Notifier Transmits Notices Out Of Your Phone To Growl

Android and Mac/Windows/Linux: If you won’t want to cope with your phone while you are at the computer, free application Android Notifier will be sending all of your phone’s call, SMS and battery notices for your desktop.

Whether you put on noise-rescheduling earphones at the desk, or you’d like to only use a complete keyboard to resolve SMS messages rather than your phone, you are able to send individuals notices for your computer to higher squeeze into your workflow with Android Notifier. Configuring it is simple just install both Android Notifier and also the MacDroidNotifier application, that will send notices to formerly pointed out Growl (If you are using Windows or Linux, you will need the Android-Notifier-Desktop application rather). It requires a little of setup, but nothing too hard &mdash you will get instructions in the project’s webpage.

You are able to send notices over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and pick whether you would like notices for incoming calls, SMS messages, battery messages and voicemail message. Bluetooth setup is fairly easy Wi-Fi is a little more involved. It is a pretty nice tool to possess around, though, and would most likely create a great Tasker task &mdash for instance, you can instantly set your phone to forward notices for your computer once your phone is docked.

Android Notifier is really a download free for Android phones and Macs computer systems. Windows and Linux customers will require Android Notifier on their own phone and Android-Notifier-Desktop on their own computer.

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