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Probably the most important steps an Android device user may take when flashing a brand new ROM is copying his (or her) programs. As the much famous Titanium Backup is a staple within this area for a great deal of time, there has been couple of challengers.

Application Manager was created by XDA Forum Member masterjb to provide customers an affordable solution. Onpar gps include:

Un-install Applications
Click Applications to Un-install one-by-one
Check multiple Applications to Un-install (Batch Un-install)
Backup Applications
Click Applications to Backup one-by-one
Click multiple Applications to Backup (Batch Backup)
Install Applications
Click Applications from Backup copies to set up
View Particulars
Application Information
Application Title
Application version
Application Size(.apk)
Lastest Update
Package Title
Package Source(.apk)
Package Data

Getting used the applying on my small Universe Nexus, I’m able to state that it will what it really portends. The interface is simple to use and intuitive. Simply look into the programs you need to support (or hit check all for batch), hit backup, and presto: Your applications are securely hidden away on your Sdcard.

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