Samsung android apps store


The Samsung app store has just gone live for Samsung Android users in the UK.

The new store, which offers ‘a multitude of free and premium apps’, currently only allows credit card billing but there are plans to have purchases tagged onto your monthly bill or from SIM credit in the near future.

Games you can get your mitts on include Zenonia, Gameloft’s 9mm, EA’s Need for Speed Shift HD and The Sims HD and there are plenty of apps to sink your teeth into, as well.

Simon Stanford, mobile managing director of Samsung UK and Ireland, said: ‘Anyone that signs up to Samsung Apps Store for Android today, will find a multitude of free and premium apps already available.

‘In the spirit of providing Android users with the best possible mobile experience, it is our intention to continue to develop this premium service to ensure our customers have access to all the latest great content on Android.’

If you own a Samsung, you should be able to access the store now from either your phone or a PC. The latter seems to have teething problems but it could just be our Mac giving up on work as its Friday.

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