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Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G Touch seems poised for Frozen Treats Sandwich now

Sprint Epic 4G Touch Frozen Treats Sandwich

What’s promising for individuals individuals with patience awaiting Frozen Treats Sandwich around the Sprint Universe S II Epic 4G Touch, which so far continues to be nothing more than a “not far offInch line. We simply got ended up this screen shot that suggests it being launched now, beginning Thursday and lasting through This summer 20.

If you have been rocking any versions of Frozen Treats Sandwich up to now, you ought to be fairly accustomed to the alterations. Otherwise, well, they are indexed by the pic above. Pricier a lot of UI changes, apart from configurations being changed — in the end, will still be running TouchWiz atop it. However the ICS update will certainly be welcome.

We need to help remind folks, however, that Sprint and Samsung don’t exactly possess the best history if this involves updates. So until Sprint states it’s coming, and until it’s really striking products, we’ll remain very carefully positive.

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