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Samsung Exhibit II 4G Review: Solid 4G Phone for Value-Minded Purchasers

Samsung Exhibit II 4G smartphone
How frequently would you make use of your phone to people? Chances are, you’ll need a smartphone for the “wise” things it will using the mobile Web connection, not for that “phone” itself. This is the idea behind the Samsung Exhibit II 4G ($200 contract-free cost by November 11, 2011), which T-Mobile is providing since it’s flagship phone because of its new partner plan with Walmart, which supplies 5GB of 4G data, limitless texting, and 100 voice minutes for $30 per month, no contract necessary.

I made use of the Exhibit II 4G to determine whether mobile Voice over internet protocol was adequate that i can do with no voice plan read “Going Voice over internet protocol-Only: Would You Still Cellular Voice Service?” for that full story.
The Specs In comparison

Even though the T-Mobile/Walmart plan’s unquestionably compelling, it is just just like the smartphone you are using by using it–as shown through the major, full-featured mobile phone models in the top end from the prepaid-smartphone spectrum, like the Motorola Triumph.

Searching in the specs alone, the Exhibit II 4G is within good company one of the prepaid crowd, although it does not hold a candle to high-finish phones such as the Samsung Universe S II. This phone includes a 1GHz Qualcomm processor, 512MB RAM, a 3.7-inch WVGA (480-by-800-pixel) AMOLED display, and two cameras (a 3.2-megapixel rear-facing camera along with a VGA front-facing camera). It runs Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) with Samsung’s TouchWiz custom overlay, which adds a credit card applicatoin monitor, a couple of file-management functions, plus some additional features towards the desltop.

Physically, the Exhibit II 4G seems like a lighter, slightly more compact form of the Samsung Vibrant (T-Mobile’s first Universe S phone). The telephone is 4.5 by 2.35 by .45 inches, also it weighs in at 4 oz .. The 4 face buttons are capacitive, not hardware, because the phone does not have haptic feedback they do not always feel as responsive as I would like. The energy/wake button is around the left edge, the amount rocker switch is around the right edge, and also the earphone jack and Small-USB port are on top. I discovered which i would hit the amount rocker accidentally fairly frequently, and that i were built with a difficult time consistently locating the energy/wake button when reaching for this within my pocket, but neither problem will be a deal-breaker for me personally.

In the beginning I figured the display looked great–something I expect from Samsung phones–however when I really attempted to make use of the Exhibit II 4G, I discovered the screen was frequently hard to see from off angles, or after i walked outdoors inside a well-lit area, unless of course I switched the brightness up completely. Despite the display at half brightness, I’d problems seeing it throughout your day. It’s acceptable for watching a film around the bus, although not so excellent when you are trying to apply your phone to or text someone while waiting in sunlight.

Company, you will probably have to turn the display brightness lower, since the battery existence is not everything great. Some smartphone proprietors are utilized to charging their products every single day, you’ll certainly have to have a charger around for that Exhibit II 4G. Obviously, programs that actually work the phone’s processor and network connection would eliminate any handset’s battery, however in my tests I possibly could spend an entire day using the phone within my pocket (no calls, no music, nothing) and burn through 60 % from the battery’s charge when I acquired unemployed. Keeping the display brightness lower extended battery to an appropriate length–enough which i usually did not need to bother about it dying on me basically was remaining out in the evening–but that, consequently, made the Exhibit II 4G harder to make use of.

Because the Exhibit II 4G’s screen is slightly more compact compared to other smartphone shows I am accustomed to (like individuals from the Samsung Vibrant and also the HTC Evo Change 4G), I’d quite a difficult time typing out texts and Web addresses at first. Things had a little better after i switched in the default Samsung keyboard to Swype, which will come preinstalled.

When I pointed out formerly, the Exhibit II 4G runs Android Gingerbread using the TouchWiz custom overlay. I am not really a large fan on most manufacturer-enforced custom overlays, and TouchWiz isn’t any exception. The very best I’m able to say about this is it does not get in the manner.

The Exhibit II 4G does include a great choice of preinstalled applications, including Bejeweled 2, Lookout Anti-virus, Slacker Radio, TeleNav Gps navigation, Tetris, along with a couple of T-Mobile services for example T-Mobile TV HD plus some account-management utilities. Normally I do not like preinstalled stuff on the new phone, but the majority of the Exhibit II 4G’s preinstalled applications appear somewhat helpful–nothing like the crapware that you simply usually find on the new PC. However, you cannot un-install the applications without rooting your phone.

Used, the Exhibit II 4G’s specs felt such as the minimum needed to operate applications that will take advantage from the fast 4G connection. Even though the phone itself was effective enough to deal with streaming video and music within the 4G connection with no problem, and even though it felt responsive enough after i performed around in Minecraft: Pocket Edition, I observed significant downturn after i attempted switching applications and moving menus while other tasks were running. I suspect this downturn is mainly due to the phone’s fairly low quantity of RAM. Even though I could watch live video streams from Twitch.TV via mobile Expensive, the telephone itself wasn’t very responsive as i was loading the Expensive application or attempting to close it.

The 4G connection was quick enough to deal with Web surfing, movies online, along with other everyday smartphone tasks effortlessly. My network speed tests varied from as little as 863 kilobits per second downstream/233 killerbytes per second upstream/586ms latency up to 4.5 megabits per second lower/1.4mbps up/52ms latency. That low score is comparatively weak for a 3rd generation connection, as the high score is excellent by 4G network speed standards. However, the Exhibit II 4G is restricted to presenting T-Mobile’s HSPA+14.4 network, not the carrier’s more recent HSPA+42 network, is often a tendency-Mobile’s approaching 4G phones may leave the Exhibit II 4G within the dust.

Your camera will not win any honours: 3.2 mega pixels is fairly low by present day standards, in the end. It’s enough for nipping everyday photos of felines and food, and contains an Brought expensive that will help you illuminate candle lit moments, but that is about this. Within my tests it handled both candle lit and vibrantly lit situations reasonably well, though my low-light shots were a little grainy. Frankly, the look resolution is really low that the shot that appears fairly good on the telephone itself basically looks small when you publish it on Facebook.

Main Point Here

Between your $200 cost for that phone itself and also the $30 monthly for 4G service, it’s difficult to find a much better value if you are a financial budget-minded smartphone shopper. If you do not need much talk-time (or maybe you are prepared to try going Voice over internet protocol-only), the Samsung Exhibit II 4G is really a solid smartphone with an affordable cost. This phone will not provide the same energy like a high-finish phone like the apple iphone 4S or even the Samsung Universe S II–as well as the cost, it is a darn great deal.

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