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Everything you need to know about your Samsung Galaxy S3!
Get the latest rumors, software updates, usage tips, apps & games, tech-support, accessories and more.

Drippler helps you make the most of your Galaxy S3, making sure you never miss out on the latest updates, rumors and news. Download this app to stay one step ahead and get the latest Galaxy S3 update, Galaxy S3 tips and apps for your Galaxy S3!

✓ Latest updates – stay up-to-date
✓ Highlights – browse the most popular Galaxy S3 updates
✓ Notifications – customize your news, and get notified whenever a new Galaxy S3 update is out.
✓ Desktop widget – get the hottest new updates straight to your desktop

“A must-have for Android owners” -TheNextWeb
“Drippler offers news on Android updates and useful apps” -The New York Times
“This is a big deal… people don’t know all this!” -TechCrunch
“Drippler starts being helpful the moment it’s installed” -CRN

“All the best news and apps tailored for my phone”
“My one stop for my phone updates & news. Excellent”
“Couldn’t live without this awesome app!”
“Amazing app! I Check every day to see what new stuff I can have or use with my phone”

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