Samsung galaxy nexus extended battery best buy


Verizon Galaxy Nexus extended battery half off in-stores an internet-based

Which means you went out and grabbed up a completely new Samsung Galaxy Nexus last evening at the nearest Verizon or Best To Buy and like it right? The unit has a hefty 1,850 mAh battery which should last plenty lengthy but we all know you will find some that are looking more. Just in case you did not know, Verizon is getting a 50% off purchase on all 4G LTE products extended batteries and also the Galaxy Nexus in incorporated.

May possibly not be considered a surge but I’ll take all of the extra energy I’m able to enter this 4G LTE, dual-core, huge screen world we reside in. The Galaxy Nexus extended battery is 2,100 mAh and has a new battery cover like the majority of &mdash only this can add barely any size for your device. I have not used at all extended batteries simply because they always result in the device far too body fat however this differs. Discover for yourself within the accessory hands-on video. It adds a couple of millimeters at best and really helps make the back more curved and feels quite natural within the hands.

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