Samsung galaxy nexus warranty cracked screen


Device Store on the internet Play Early Return, Refund and Warranty Information

The next information describes return or alternative choices for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus device (“Device”) written by Samsung Telecommunications America (“Samsung”) and bought from Google Corporation. (“Google”) with the Device Store on the internet Play store on or following the effective date in the above list.

If the information is applicable for you, the next choices are available concerning the return or alternative of the Device:

1. Coming back Your Device With the Google Return Process

If you’re not pleased with your Device unconditionally, you’ve as much as 14 (14) days in the date the unit is shipped to come back your Device to Google based on the Return Guarantee referred to at All returns underneath the Return Guarantee must adhere to the terms or conditions where you bought your Device from Google.

2. Coming back Your Device With the Samsung Warranty Process

Samsung will give you warranty service through among the following options:

2.1. Samsung Advanced Alternative Process

In case your System is defective through no-fault of your, you’ve as much as 14 (14) days in the date the unit is shipped (the “Advanced Alternative Period”) to make contact with Samsung customer service at (855) 392-6398 regarding a alternative Device underneath the Samsung Advanced Alternative Process. You’ll be requested to supply certain customer information (title, address, telephone number, and also the IMEI quantity of your Device) and also the date you bought your Device for verification reasons. When the Samsung customer service representative determines that the System is qualified for mail-operating underneath the Samsung Limited Warranty, Samsung provides you with a Came back Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) ticket number, coming back mailing label that’ll be delivered to their email you provide, and directions for coming back your Device to some Samsung service center.

After your telephone call with Samsung customer service, you’ll be approached by Samsung’s processing agent in the telephone number you provided. To be able to process the return and Advanced Alternative of the Device, Samsung needs a charge card authorization, as to safeguard the retail cost from the alternative device plus handling and shipping. If you’re not able to supply charge card authorization, this Advanced Alternative Process won’t be open to you, however you might still be qualified for that standard warranty process Upon verification of the shipping information along with a charge card authorization, Samsung will ship a professional alternative device for you towards the address you provided. Your charge card won’t be billed at this time around, and are only billed if you do not return your original Device within thirty (30) days, or maybe your original Device does not meet warranty qualifications needs as referred to below.

You’ll have thirty (30) days in the date you obtain the return mailing label for Samsung to get your Device. Upon receiving your Device, Samsung will inspect it to ensure that the System is taught in Samsung Limited Warranty. If it’s under warranty, you might keep your alternative tool and your charge card won’t be billed.

If you can’t return your Device to Samsung as instructed, Samsung charges you your charge card for that approved amount. If you don’t return your Device inside the thirty (30) days provided or maybe upon receipt Samsung determines that the System is ineligible for service since it is not under warranty or beyond economic repair (e.g. because of a cracked LCD screen or liquid corrosion), your charge card is going to be billed for that approved amount. At the option, Samsung will ship your Device back at the own expense.

2.2. Publish 14 (14 Day) Limited Warranty Process

In case the 14 (14) day Advanced Return Period has transpired and also you believe your System is deterioration, it might be taught in Samsung Limited Warranty. An account from the Samsung Limited Warranty and also the process underneath the Samsung Limited Warranty might be found .

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