SiriusXM for Android gets On Demand feature


We last reported about SiriusXM back in May, when the Android version got its extended recording and rewinding feature. If you think the Internet radio app is due for another major upgrade after four months, you’re right on the money.The latest iteration of SiriusXM for Android, now at version, brings the app up to speed with its iOS counterpart. Along with the many enhancement and fixes, you’ll also find the new On Demand feature, as well as the functionality that enables you to store shows for offline listening.

With SiriusXM On Demand, you gain access to exclusive content that’s available on its rather extensive catalogue of programs. The neat thing about it is that you can easily listen to the program you like whenever you want to, according to your own schedule.

There are “more than 200 shows and over 2,000 hours of content” that you can listen to. The list includes The Howard Stern Show, Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour, Tom Petty’s Buried Treasured, The Jamie Foxx Show, Ask Martha featuring Martha Stewart, Dr. Laura, and many more.There will be minimal commercials for select shows, while you won’t find any commercial breaks for music programming.You can find the latest SiriusXM Android app on Google Play. Any readers have the new version? Please share your experience and impressions below.

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