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Did you know you can go to sprint.com/digitallounge to download apps for your Sprint Android device? Sprint has partnered with Apptap, a site that allows you to cut through the clutter of app stores to find and download Android applications. You can view videos, descriptions, reviews, and download apps directly from the site. Users can see a feed of what other users have viewed or downloaded, see user reviews, and see what android gurus are saying about specific apps. Find or make a new friend via Apptap, as well as share app content via Facebook, Twitter, and email.You can access Apptap via the Digital Lounge by going to sprint.com/digitallounge, logging in with your username and password, and selecting Apptap under the Games and Apps section on the left side of the page. You can also access Apptap by scrolling down the page and viewing Featured Games & Apps provided by Apptap or by clicking the link to view all. Try Apptap and let us know what you think!

Visit the Digital Lounge any time to search for and download music, games, apps, and more!I took my phone into a Sprint store to have the touchscreen looked at. The last thing I mentioned to the representative was to NOT reset the phone. I go to pick it up, and the representative tells me that the phone was reset before they could tell the technician not to do it.

According to the manager of the Sprint store where I had my phone serviced, all I have to do is log into my Gmail account and I would see a history of all the apps that I have installed. The manager also indicated that I could also do a search for how to restore the apps, and that there would be a particular link that would have step by step instructions. I’d like to think that I am somewhat knowledgeable about the Android system in terms of how apps are saved (or not saved), and I mentioned to the manager that the only apps which would be saved when I go to the Android market on my phone and select “My Apps” would be the paid apps. The manager told me that was not correct, and that everything would be saved.

I’ve already looked in Gmail and of course there is nothing about applications in there. I’ve searched Google and have confirmed that what I told the manager was correct — free apps are not saved.So, I thought I would check here and see if there is anything that I can do to get my apps back.I didn’t even get to write down what I had installed before leaving the phone for service. I guess it wasn’t explicit enough to say DO NOT reset the phone.Yes, it doesn’t know what was actually installed on the phone, it just knows it was installed at some point. My account shows all the apps I had installed on my previous phone (Moment) as well. There is a app backup feature built into Android…but for whatever reason Samsung didn’t include it on the Epic or the Moment. It backs up installed apps, app data and wifi config. No idea why Samsung wouldn’t want to leave that feature available. With that feature all you have to do is sign into your google account and it starts downloading everything automatically that was last on your phone when it was backed up.

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