Star Wars Angry Birds mash-up

Those pesky piggies have certainly caused problems in some pretty strange places, from outer space to the setting of the movie Rio. They even now star in their own game, Bad Piggies. One place we have yet to see them in is the Star Wars universe. Starting Oct. 8th, we may finally see the angry birds and bad piggies get their hands on lightsabers after all.The idea of Jedis, labersabers and Sith pigs might sound strange but it is very likely that Rovio is planning such a mash-up. Rovio recently tweeted out a link to its Angry Birds Tumblr page. The page showed of a picture of what was likely an angry bird in a Jedi robe with a lightsaber beside it.It remains unseen whether this would still have the exact same bird-flinging style. It is also possible that this could finally see the birds doing something completely new. Perhaps light saber battles?The reveal event will take place at the New York City Times Square at Toys R Us, bright and early at 8am EST. This isn’t the first time that Star Wars has adapted to a strange setting, as seen in the LEGO series. I can already imagine one of the piggies dressed as Darth Vader, suggesting to the birds that somehow he is really their father.

Are you interested in seeing a Star Wars Angry Birds mash-up or not? May the Force be with you!

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