Stop android apps connecting internet


Many Android phone (or tablet) customers are worrying because since using Android phone, their payment is growing due to internet data usage. Specifically for individuals that aren’t use limitless data plan. Many people even not have the idea why this might happen while some realize that this really is happen since the Android cell phone is definitely attached to the Internet but don’t understand how to disable internet android.To show off internet android / data services, is really really simple, however, many people, especially new customers don’t know how to get it done. Within this tutorial we’ll train you the way to show off web connection on Android phone, before we continue, will state you why the Android phone is definitely attached to the internet and also the unwanted effects whenever we to power it down.

Android phone is definitely attached to the internet to synchronize data, either with Google’s servers, or along with other Android application server. Should you switch off internet android, the telephone will not have the ability synchronize data instantly or instantly, hence you won’t receive notification if you will find any new information from the application that needs web connection. For instance you won’t get any new mail notification, messages from social services like Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Twitter, etc., and you also will not get information if you will find updates from the application that you simply downloaded in the Android Market.

However, you still have the ability to synchronize by hand when you determined yourself. So, if you do not need real-time notification, you might disable internet android. Below are some methods for you to decide to try power it down.I’ve cell phone (LG gw620 – 1.5 android version) I have to have factor to disable the programs from hooking up to the web because this connection is enables finish my credit although I do not begin using these application , it work without my permission .Perhaps you have attempted by getting rid of the bond qualifications? Or you won’t want to take away the configurations.The scenario is, i am developing an android application that utilizes the web. This can be a business application. The organization will give you android phones to any or all the workers. Now their requirement is they do not want employees to search on the internet by other means compared to their business application, which requires access to the internet.In some kinds of cell phones you are able to switch off web connection by pressing and contain the energy button (the on/ off button) after which it’ll show the choice to show off web connection (disable data connection). Although not all kinds of cell phones have this featureHowever, sometimes this might not necessarily succeed along with a little bothersome. In certain of mobile phone network provider, user still have the ability to connect with internet even if they will use fake APN. To find out whether your Android web connection continues to be active or otherwise, whenever a fake APN is enabled, try browsing the web (with wi-fi compatability off), should you still can perform browsing internet, which means you can’t applied by doing this. The benefit of doing this is that you could still receive incoming MMS.

In a nutshell i have to develop an application that disable the web (wi-fi compatability, mobile data etc.) and permit internet only if user is applying this Application.Is that this possible? How to do this? Something that will be keeping a cheque on network connectivity?
Any assistance is appreciated.

Im using BroadcastReciever, that picks up Connection Condition and hinders the Wi-fi compatability. How do i identify Connected condition of mobile Data, i am talking about what’s the intent filter action to identify mobile data connection after which disable it accordingly, i’ve attempted

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