Stop android apps crashing


I looked around a little, however the threads I saw were associated with just one application crashes or specific market applications.My problem involves lot of different applications. I have had this phone for under per month, and also the only applications I have downloaded really are a couple of highly ranked and popular games in the Play Store.It appears a couple of times each day, I’ll visit start an application and will also produce the “application crashed” screen using the “Pressure Close/Report” buttons. Frequently occasions it calls for games, however it sometimes also happens with applications that included the telephone or processes which i assume are running without anyone’s knowledge, since i will not have anything open and will also develop “Verizonblahblah has crashed”. (Sorry I can not recall precisely what Verizon process it was, I’m going to write it lower the next time it takes place). It takes place using the Google Framework application sometimes, when I am just attempting to open a Search. This continues until I restart the telephone, after which things are fine. Also once every couple days approximately it’ll let me know that my swipe password is incorrect and will not allow me to in to the phone until I restart it. Must I try resetting to factory configurations? How do you do that? Must I remove my Sdcard first in order to save the data that’s saved onto it? Or performs this seem a lot more like a hardware problem?

In case your applications continue crashes, the very best factor to complete is always to totally reset all of your configurations. You are able to stop any programs running without anyone’s knowledge and back them up then remove them. If this doesn’t work, try rebuilding to some previous support.

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