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Roundup: The Very Best Windows Home Server Applications


We cover lots of home server applications at How-To Geek, so it may be difficult to keep an eye on everything. This is exactly why we have put together a lot of ways to maintain your constantly-connected Windows machine on your side.
Server Applications and Streaming

Probably the most fun uses of your pc is really as a movies online server. You are able to stream music and video between Windows 7 computer systems in your network, on the internet with Windows Media Player 12, in order to your Ps 3. If you want to catch on your Television shows, Remote Potato works with Windows 7 Media Center and schedule tracks. You may also take control of your music out of your Android phone without escaping . of mattress!

You are able to transcode and stream video using AirVideo for iOS products, VLC Shares for the Android products, or Plex Media Server for those who have both. Unless of course you’ve really old or cheap hardware, you will not have to be worrying an excessive amount of concerning the performance issues, and when you browse the next section, you are able to arrange it to stream for you even when you are outdoors of the network!

If you wish to stream your music or podcasts to Android and iOS, you are able to install and configure Subsonic. The mobile applications possess a caching ability so that you can store your music in your products. Gleam Expensive player on the internet interface as well as an Adobe Air application so that you can stream from remote computer systems, too.
Remote Access

Even though many applications permit you to connect with them via Google Sign-inches and so on, many don’t. Because of this, you need to possess a setup where it’s not hard to access your house network. You are able to make this happen pretty easily using our help guide to dynamic DNS services. You’ll learn to setup accounts with places like which are free and provide you with a fast and simple method of being able to access your network having a URL rather than an Ip. Once you have that lower, you can study how you can forward ports in your router so that you can access specific computer systems diversely.

If you wish to consider jumping in your home network more safely, you should check out how you can configure OpenVPN with DD-WRT in your router. If you wish to install DD-WRT to change your router’s abilities, we have had a how-to for your. If DD-WRT appears to become too complicated, you may like the equally-effective Tomato firmware, that also has OpenVPN abilities.
Windows 7 Media Center and residential Server

If you wish to bring your Home Premium (or over) installation one stage further, you are able to configure Media Center that will help you record and manage your media. We have a far more comprehensive help guide to WMC available that will help you make the most of watching streaming video, getting rid of advertisements, copying your configurations, and becoming cover art and metadata for the movies.

However, you are able to run Windows Home Server to correctly manage your documents and files, get automated backup, and much more. You are able to transform it into a Domain Controller and centrally manage your customers, computer systems, ink jet printers, and virtual machines via Active Directory. If you are using WHS like a web server and also have Internet Information Server working, make sure to take a look at using Perl with IIS and PHP with IIS.

Running WHS does not mean you cannot have some fun, though you may still stream from WHS to Windows Media Player. Lastly, take a look at our 9 options to WHS’s Drive Extender so that you can manage your storage spaces inside a wise and stylish way.
Other Server Uses

Windows 7 is a nice good central hub for the network. You are able to extend this functionality further by utilizing WordPress, MediaWiki, along with other web applications with Windows Web Platform. Should you simply want to serve webpages temporarily, you take a transportable web server from the memory stick, or simply do the installation natively. Finally, if you want getting a lot of applications on your Windows machine, but you are missing proper party-based command-line access, we have got you covered, too.

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