Sunflower wallpaper for android


Beautiful Sunflowers!

Sunflower styles and pictures handpicked for your Android device.


&radic Enhanced for high definition phones
&radic Unique images you will not find elsewhere
&radic Hands-selected and popped to specific dimensions

&radic Works offline
&radic Consists of 40 hd images
&radic Offline enhanced for speed
&radic Install to Sdcard (requires Froyo+)

Legal / Credits:
Application by Looking Cat. world wide

Got your personal sunflower photos you would like us to feature within this application? Send us an email at Your images should be licensed under Creative Commons or else grant us permission for their services.

Note on Permissions:

android.permission.INTERNET can be used for connecting towards the advertising mediation servers and our partner advertising network servers for the objective of locating ads.

android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_Condition can be used to look for the existence and excellence of a phone’s network connection for locating ads.

android.permission.GET_TASKS can be used to avoid ads from being retrieved when a credit card applicatoin is incorporated in the background by checking to ascertain if the application’s task is active when an advert is asked for. This can be a workaround for the possible lack of global notices concerning the active condition of Android programs.

android.permission.READ_PHONE_Condition can be used for accounting and auditing reasons by advertising systems. Advertising systems use anonymous unique identifiers to limit the amount of impressions and clicks credited to individual customers.

android.permission.SET_WALLPAPER can be used to create the house screen background wallpaper.

android.permission.VIBRATE can be used to vibrate the telephone on effective completing setting the wallpaper.

android.permission.WRITE_Exterior_STORAGE can be used in order to save images towards the Sdcard. Images are instantly held in a sub-folder of /wallpapers/ in your Sdcard named according to this application. They’re only saved towards the Sdcard whenever you set them like a wallpaper. By doing this, should you take away the application, you’ll support the wallpapers around the Sdcard. You might remove the wallpapers out of your Sdcard if you want without having affected the functionality from the application.

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