Talk to text app for android phone


Vlingo for Android combines fast and accurate voice to text technology using the intelligence to hear that which you say, and rapidly hook you up with individuals, companies and activities to ensure that you will get things done while on the run. We have signficantly broadened those things its customers can perform while on the run by presenting the &ldquoActionBar,&rdquo and integrating using the content and abilities of KAYAK, Fandango and OpenTable.

The InCar feature, on all Vlingo-supported products, is the foremost and only completely hands-free InCar solution that enables you to definitely send and receive messages, call people, and obtain directions and keep two on the job the wheel, and 2 eyes on the highway. InCar requires 2.2 along with a Bluetooth or wired headset to be able to work as designed.

Android customers get additional convenience using the Vlingo Widget, which enables customers to Tap & Speak from their phone’s houses screen to supply easily use of everything Vlingo provides.

Turn what you are saying into action today by installing Vlingo on Android Market! Available FREE for products running 2.1 or greater.

Still would like to learn more? You can view more video demos, or take a look at more good examples of the items Vlingo can perform.

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