Telenav Scout for Android arrives


Dedicated GPS devices are clearly going the way of the dinosaur. With more consumers switching to smart devices with GPS apps, many of the companies behind dedicated GPS devices are now making the move to Android and iOS.In January, Telenav moved from its more primitive navigation app to the new Scout app, but only for iOS. Eight months later, Telenav Scout for Android has finally arrived. Scout isn’t just about navigating to new places to prevent yourself from getting lost. Instead, Scout’s premium version provides useful tools that truly make it a great tool for everyday driving.Why use Scout over alternatives like Google Navigation? There are many awesome features in the premium version for avoiding traffic, speed traps, red lights and even lane assistance to make sure you never miss an exit again.

Scout works with Ford Sync AppLink to get voice-guided directions through your in-car display. AppLink will even allow you to hear the turn-by-turn directions through your car’s speakers. It’s worth noting that, at the moment, only the Android version works with Ford Sync AppLink.

The downside to Scout? You really don’t get much more than a basic navigation app unless you are willing to pay for an in-app upgrade. The premium version will run you $24.99 per year or $4.99 per month.Do you still rely on a dedicated GPS device in your car, or have you ditched your TomTom or Garmin in favor of the Android navigation app of your choice?

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