Test local website android emulator


Testing ASP.Internet Web Applications in the search engines Android emulator

Finally, I acquired the answer for testing ASP.Internet Web programs in the search engines Android emulator. Download google’s Android emulator in the below link

When you download the Android emulator, extract the &ldquoAndroid-Emulator.zip&rdquo file. Now double click Run_Emulator(with Boot Animation).exe or Run_Emulator(without Boot Animation).exe to produce the Android emulator.

You can now test your ASP.Internet web applications in Android Emulator. To achieve that, first deploy your ASP.Internet Web application to Local IIS(Internet Information Services). When the web application is used, make use of the Ip from the system to test the net application within the Android emulator.

NOTE: JRE (Java Runtime Atmosphere) 1.6 or over and JDK(Java Development Package) 1.6 or over ought to be installed in your body, to be able to use google’s Android emulator.

You’re done now. Happy coding ASP.Internet Web applications for Cell phones.

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