The Croods is now available through Google Play


Fairly a departure from Angry Birds and its spin-offs, Rovio and DreamWorks have teamed up to bring you The Croods, which is available now by means of Google Play.

Rather than flinging across the gamestage, the competition is everything about searching and event while finding distinct creatures en route. While the ‘animals’ are somewhat encouraged by primitive-era mammals, they certainly have a dosage of fantasy added in many thanks to crazy appearances and insane full names like “molarbear” and “girelephant”. In complete, there are 10 creatures for you to trap and tame.

Beyond capturing, hunting and event, you will certainly also discover yourself doing a bit of inventing too. Still inadequate to keep you entertained? Rovio also throws in the ability to customize both your estates and personalities via special accessories.

Although this isn’t your regular Rovio title, and is in fact a film tie-in game, it certainly still wants to have the very same Rovio beauty we have actually all come to know and adore. That being sacked, Google Play user reviews seem to be very mixed, so it might not be for everybody.

If you want giving The Croods a shot, you can easily get it now for Google Play. The competition is free of charge, though there are in-app investments for items like pieces that aid broaden the gameplay and your modification alternatives.

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