Top 10 android apps for men


If a man wishes to thrive in today’s world, he needs to embrace new technology and new tools. For many men, their go-to, everyday tool is their cell phone. What was once just a device to make simple phone calls, now can be used to navigate cities, send emails, and even teach essential man skills. After just a few years on the market, the Android OS has spawned over 500,000 different apps that both entertain and help us be more productive. With so many apps to choose from, it can be overwhelming to sift the wheat from the chaff. With that in mind, we put together this short list of Android apps (many of them free) that a man might find particularly useful (or simply entertaining).My Life Scoop is a website that invites bloggers from various websites to contribute different articles on tech-related themes. I do a guest column for them every once in awhile and share it here on AoM for those who might want to check it out. My latest is on some of the best Android apps for men.If you’re interested, check out the article. If you know of some other great ones, leave a comment with your suggestions.

How To Tie a Tie

This app offers simple step-by-step instructions on how to tie 12 different necktie knots. It also gives you tips on which knots work best with certain collar types.

Animated Knots

If you forgot how to tie the trusty knots you learned in Boy Scouts, The Animated Knots app is for you. This app is filled with animated, step-by-step photo guides on how to tie basic and advanced knots. It also gives you a detailed overview on each knot’s correct use and its advantages and disadvantages.

Mixology Drink Recipes
A robust drink mixing app for the budding mixologist. This app has everything: nearly 8,000 drink recipes, a liquor store locator, and a bartending techniques guide. One of the cooler features is the “Liquor Cabinet.” Simply enter the drinks and mixers you have on hand and the Mixology app will spit out recipes you can make.

Omaha Steaks Steak Time
Grill the perfect steak with this steak timer app from Omaha Steaks. This app will ensure all your steaks will come off the grill at precisely the same time, regardless of your guests’ doneness preferences or steak cuts. In addition to the timer, the app comes with grilling recipes and a library of how-to videos.

Men’s Health Workouts
The Men’s Health Workouts app comes preloaded with over 20 of the magazine’s most popular workouts. Additionally, the app features step-by-step instructions on how to perform each exercise and a logging feature so you can record your weight and reps for each exercise.

U.S. Army Survival Guide
Harness your inner Bear Grylls with the U.S. Army Survival Guide app. Based on the U.S. Army Survival Manual FM 3-05.70, this little app has all the info you need to navigate the wilds, from water and food procurement to creating shelters.

The UrbanDaddy app will help you plan the perfect date. Just tell the app what city you’re in, the person you want to meet with, the neighborhood you’re near, and whether you want food or drinks. UrbanDaddy then goes to work spitting out the perfect location for you to visit. Date planning has never been easier. The only downside is that it only has info for major metro areas in the U.S. like NYC and San Francisco.

13 Virtues

In an attempt to live the virtuous life, Benjamin Franklin used a chart he kept inside a little notebook. Each day he would use the chart to keep track of whether or not he had lived the 13 virtues he was striving to follow. With this app you can make like Franklin and track your progress on your path to becoming a better man.

Google Sky Map

For the man who’s an aspiring astronomer, the Google Sky Map app is a must-have. It’s like having a planetarium in your pocket. Just point your phone at the sky, and Google Sky Map will show the stars, planets, and constellations in your view.

Backcountry Navigator GPS
If you’re an avid outdoorsman, the Backcountry Navigator GPS app is a must have. The app uses your Android phone’s built-in GPS to help you navigate hiking trails and mark way points as you recon hunting and fishing spots. The app comes with a library of topographic maps already loaded in. Of course, you can always upload new ones if you want. Best of all, the app works even if you don’t have a cell phone connection.

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