Top 10 android apps women 2012


Women have to play different roles their entire life. As students, wives, businesswomen, mothers, the list is endless. In fact, multi-tasking becomes a part of their lives. So it is but natural that when people develop apps, women will be interested in the ones which will help make their lives a little less hectic. Today’s article is dedicated to those apps designed especially for women.


This app is specifically for those women whose husbands seem incapable of keeping a grocery list and as a consequence, tend to forget all about the week’s shopping. OurGroceries creates multiple lists for different stores, which can be directly sent to your husband’s Android. There is also a feature in which you just enter in a recipe and the app will automatically build a list of all you need, based on the ingredients entered.

Shopsavvy Barcode Scanner

Women have been known to be the best when handling money judiciously. Every product they buy, they will make sure they have scoured the entire city in order to make sure that they are getting it at the least rate possible. This app is designed exactly for this purpose. Click a picture of an item’s barcode, and Shopsavvy will search every nook and cranny of the web for price comparisons. Finally, a method to be economic in a classy way!


Jorte is basically a personal organizer app for the Android. The most obvious question would be: What makes this an app especially for women? Answer: It’s cute. It has an attractive interface with a pink, red and lavender-ish color scheme. It also offers top notch functionality which makes it just the thing for busy women.

Mom 2 Be Pregnancy Tracker

This app is for expectant mothers, worried about the health of their to-be-baby. Mom 2 Be sends you daily growth statistics and weekly tips. It also enables you to create journal entries which you can share with your friends and family.

White Noise Lite
Have a baby who refuses to sleep without periodic noises like the water running or the buzz of the vacuum cleaner? Then this app is just for you. White Noise Lite allows a mother to choose from ten different sounds: Airplane, Beach Waves, Chimes, Clock, Cricket, Fan, Rain, Thunder, Train and White Noise. These ten, perfectly looped sounds will create just the ambience which will help your baby to fall asleep.

This app is for busy moms who need ten minutes of undisturbed silence while making an urgent call, or write a report. Shapes is designed to amuse and interact with young children, while teaching them about shapes. Effortless and free, this app has the reputation for keeping even easily distracted toddlers busy.

My Days – Period & Ovaluation
My Days lets women record the dates of their menstrual cycle and then estimate their upcoming fertile days, as well as the time of their next period. This app is beneficial for both, women trying to conceive, as well as those trying to prevent pregnancy.

Body Stats – Women

This app helps women track their health and fitness progress. It has features which help them find gyms, motivational links and even journals. It helps them save measurements and view the history of their progress. It is available in all Android versions and supports App2SD.

Beauty Product Reviews
Beauty Product Reviews is an app which lets the user browse over 280,000 honest consumer reviews on 45,000 beauty products in every conceivable field- skin care, hair care, anti-aging, etc. It helps in comparing prices as you shop, see more products in a particular range and also find products faster.

This is basically a mobile mom community which allows moms to ask questions and get opinions on any parenting issue ranging from their children’s growth stats to their soccer practice. It allows moms to talk about mundane everyday activities relating to their kids and also make friends while they are at it.

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