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10 Best Android applications now
Beat Bang, Zagat, Quicken 2013, Noozy Studio, The Grint, Maluuba and much more

It’s the perfect time for the weekly roundup from the best new Android applications for Google-powered mobile phones and pills.

You will find slightly slim pickings now, therefore it is a ten-application roundup. However, it has been a really large week for brand new Android games, so uphold for lots of individuals within the separate smartphone/tablet games roundup, which is released later within the day.

Here’s this week’s non-game Android selection:

Beat Bang

Coming straight out of Belgium, this application in the M&eacutediatheque is really a music discovery application during the last twenty five years of electronic music, offering track samples and buy links, artist biographies, articles and links having a clever bubble-constellation navigation to get where you’re going through it.


Google has reconstructed the Zagat restaurant-reviews application “in the ground-upInch and re-launched it as being a totally free application for Android, getting acquired the organization in September 2011. It offers rankings and reviews in excess of 30,000 restaurants all over the world, including London, having a design optimized for Android pills. Google+ membership is needed, though.
Quicken Starter Edition 2013

Less a stand alone application, this belongs to the general package for private finance application Quicken 2013, enabling customers to check on their account balances, transactions and budget using their smartphone or tablet, with updates and alerts built-in.


Launched by developer Dogsbark, this aims to become “a supreme better more potent and much more interactive media player for Android” that handles tunes, videos and podcasts. It will likewise look very familiar to anybody who’s used a Home windows Phone, taking its interface inspiration firmly from Microsoft’s Metro UI. Editorial content, recommendations and scrobbling are incorporated.

The Grint

Nothing related to a.) Dr. Seuss or b.) Harry Potter stars. Rather, this can be a golf application that can help gamers keep an eye on their handicap and statistics. A alternative for paper scorecards? Really, its developer reckons it complements them: “Write your scores on the PAPER scorecard, have a picture and cargo particulars… We feel in pencil and paper scorecards, our application and repair enables you to definitely avoid using any products and distractions throughout your round.” The information is submitted towards the Grint’s website, where it may be in comparison with buddies.

Maluuba Worldwide

Billing itself as “Your Siri alternative”, voice-assistant application Maluuba continues to be available for some time in certain nations: the united states, United kingdom, Australia and Ireland. Now it features a separate Worldwide version for that relaxation around the globe, dealing with features including calendar, memory joggers, weather, search, voice calls, email, Twitter and facebook. Additionally, it has concert, event, restaurant and business entries in certain nations, based on availability.

Hulloha Group Call

A spin-removed from the HulloMail voicemail message service, it is really an Android application for conference-calling as much as 20 people at the same time, using standard network-rate mobile amounts. Which means it ought to be free for Britons who’re inside their monthly tariff minutes. Invites to calls are addressed by text.

Quiet Circle

Not strictly an Android application more a suite of software which includes several Android applications: Quiet Phone, Quiet Text and Quiet Mail. The Register includes a much larger explanation that’s worth reading through, but essentially it comes down to developing a secure network for communication, backed by PGP creator Phil Zimmermann.


Another photo-discussing application? Well, Tapestry is really a recently-prominent Android application having a couple of twists, styling itself like a “synchronized photo show-and-tell application”. Which means an application for showing photos out of your own Android device on individuals of nearby buddies and family. Well, those who also provide Android mobile phones, anyway.

The Dead Mile

Finally now, an application marketing Canadian zombie movie The Dead Mile, showing how independent producers are utilizing Android to spread buzz regarding their films. It promises news, tweets and Facebook updates, in addition to cast bios and videos.

That’s our selection, but what new Android applications are you currently by using this week? Help make your recommendations within the comments section.

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