Top 10 best paid android apps 2012


We have included both the Top 10 list for paid and free apps. Latest update!
The BEST Android Apps of 2012 here in this list!

The Android Market (Now Known as Google Play) has now proven to be a source of well-made apps for your android smartphone/tablet. We are giving you a list of the best paid and free android apps for your android phone/tablet so that your android experience can be a good one.

Top 10 Best Android Paid Apps:

1. Stick it! – Ever thought of watching a youtube video while you’re working on that Excel document on your android device? Well, now you can! You can display any number of “windows” on your smartphone/tablet to make multi-tasking so much advanced. This is a new technology and I believe this will set the standard for future mobile multi-tasking. Power to Android.

2. Poweramp (Full Version) – This is the best music app for android out there. With options to increase bass, treble and lots of equalizer functions, you will surely get the best music experience out of your android device.

3. LogMeIn Ignition – If you don’t mind paying $30 for an app that’s totally worth it, then this is for you. With this app, you can remotely your Mac or PC anywhere anytime as long as you’re online. Never worry about leaving your files in your PC again with this app.

4. SlingPlayer – Although a bit pricey, its definitely worth it, especially when you can finally watch all of your TV content on your android device! Yup, that’s right. Just download this app and get yourself a slingbox and you’re ready to go!

5. FIFA 12 – The app for all the football fans out there. I guarantee hours of football madness with this high quality game brought to you by the same company which brought you the real fifa series over the years.

6. Frame Grabber – Quite expensive for an app which isn’t that function-filled but its still a good app when you want to take out a frame from let’s say a video. You can choose your preferred frame using this app and you’ll realise why those little moments of life are indeed precious.

7. Draw Something – This is something like a guessing game. You draw something and a friend of you will need to decipher what it is. This game is wickedly fun and worth the non-ad version!

8. OverSkreen -Similar to stick it! but more towards the browser side. Browse different websites side by side on your screen and still be able to watch your movie on your android tablet!

9. Onlive Premium – Not really a paid app but if you really would like to own and use a PC without having a PC, then this app, especially the premium version is for you. This is basically a PC Desktop app which is running on windows 7 where you can whatever you can with a PC. The premium version allows you to browse websites as if you were using a real pc but the free one won’t.

10. Documents to Go – Do you wish you can read, edit and create Microsoft Office documents on the go? Well now you can. Just open this app on your android device and start tapping away.

So there, these are currently the top 10 apps for Android in Google Play and includes some of the best apps of 2012. If you think there are better apps out there which deserves to be on the list of the best apps of 2012, comment below.

Android is no longer the poor relation of iOS when it comes to apps – whether you’ve got the latest Android-powered tablet or an older Android phone, there’s plenty of choices when it comes to loading your device with extra software.The Google Play Store is stacked with loads great stuff. But it does have a downside – it can be a problem to separate the wheat from the chaff.That’s why we’re here. Whether you’re after the best free Android apps or the best paid ones, we’ve rounded up the top Android apps for 2012 in the articles below.If you’re short on time then you can also check out our brief video run-down of ten great Android apps for your consideration

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