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The age of technology has driven more teachers and students to become more dependent on tablets in school. Several schools are now listing a tablet on the school supply list, while others provide it for in school use. The great thing about Android tablets is you can use your Android apps on both the phone and the tablet. I think it is high time for a list of the top 10 educational Android apps to be in one spot. The apps I will be spotlighting in this post are the top free apps according to Android.


iStoryBooks is one of the best reading apps available free right now. It is geared for children from infancy to beginner reading. Several books are included in the program, but you can also subscribe to their premium service for even more books. All of their books have a movie option, where the pages turn themselves and the book is read to you, and a read-to-me option. Both of these features can be turned off when your child is old enough to read the book by themselves. There are children books, like Hansel & Gretel, and there are traditional children’s stories. Some of the premium books available include American history and other school subjects. This app produces a new book every few weeks, which is why it lands in the top 10 educational Android apps.

Kids Paint Free

Another of the top 10 educational Android apps available for free is Kids Paint. This program is a bit more advanced from basic coloring apps, but not as complex as some of the other programs. I would say it is geared more for preschool aged children. This program gets its popularity because you can paint with many colors, and you can import a photo and color over it. Drawings are easy to clear by simply shaking the phone or tablet.

How to Draw – Easy Art Lessons

Do you have a budding artist in your house? How to Draw – Easy Art Lessons makes the top 10 educational Android apps list because it is easy to use. People can choose from seventy different drawings that take you from straight lines and simple shapes to a complex picture. Children and adults alike can enjoy learning to draw animals, cartoon characters, automobiles, and more. There is no maximum age for this app, but due to the fine motor skills needed children should be at least five to start using it.

PicsArt for Kids

Where How to Draw was for the older children, PicsArt for Kids makes it on the top 10 educational Android apps for toddlers. Children as young as three can enjoy playing with this art program. They can draw, color, and simply learn shapes all at once. The program uses pictures that children will recognize, like fishes, dinosaurs, and princesses. While it was originally designed for the larger screens on tablets, the app now claims it works on phone screens as well.

Kids Numbers and Math Lite

The next item on the top 10 educational Android apps list is Kids Numbers and Math Lite. This app is one of the best math apps available to children from preschool to elementary school. This app teaches children without them realizing that they are learning. The games are entertaining and keep children occupied for hours. They will learn numbers, max and min, addition, subtraction, and more.

Kids ABC Letters Lite

Children aged two to seven will enjoy the Kids ABC Letters Lite. This app has made it on the top 10 educational Android apps list because it is the first part of a reading curriculum app series. The only downside of this app is that it is only free to the letter H. Then you have to upgrade to the paid version. The app does teach how to form letters, what the letters are, and how to recognize them.

Kids ABC Phonics Lite

After the children learn the letters in Kids ABC Letters Lite, they can take the next step to learning Phonics. Kids ABC Phonics Lite is another app on the top 10 educational Android apps list and is the second part of the Reading Curriculum series. Your children will learn how letters sound and how to blend them together. Once they have mastered that, you are ready for the next level in the series.

Kids Reading (Preschool)

The Kids ABC Phonics app led to the next on the list of top 10 educational Android apps. The Kids Reading (Preschool) is an app that helps children still learning how to read. The words are no longer than three letters, such as dog or cat. This app is the step that comes just after the Kids ABC Phonics app because it does assume that your child knows how to make the letter sounds.

50 Languages

Do you have a child that will be going on an exchange trip, or are you that child going overseas? Do you need to learn languages quickly for a vacation? The next app on the top 10 educational Android apps list is the 50 Languages app. This app combines both audio learning and visual learning to create the best lesson plan available for language study. There are many ways to use this app to make it beneficial for you. The most important thing is to constantly practice and listen to the lessons.

Learn English with

I wanted to put the Learn English with last because the rest of the top 10 educational Android apps list are geared for English speakers. More and more users of Android devices are not native English speakers. This app will help teach not only words, but also commonly used phrases. There are many lessons available on the free version, but you can go even deeper with the paid app.

Smartphones and tablets are becoming more commonplace in the hands of children thru adults. There are so many apps available that it is easy to get overwhelmed with the information. I hope that this list of top 10 educational Android apps will help you sift through the wild jungle that is the Play Store. You can always find apps on the computer at

The computer browser is sometimes easier to do mass searching. You can install them to your device from the webpage as well. What are your thoughts? Did one of your favorite educational apps not make the list? What is it and what does it offer for your children or you?

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