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Android is no longer the poor relation of iOS when it comes to apps – whether you’ve got the latest Android-powered tablet or an older Android phone, there’s plenty of choices when it comes to loading your device with extra software.The Google Play Store is stacked with loads great stuff. But it does have a downside – it can be a problem to separate the wheat from the chaff.That’s why we’re here. Whether you’re after the best free Android apps or the best paid ones, we’ve rounded up the top Android apps for 2012 in the articles below.If you’re short on time then you can also check out our brief video run-down of ten great Android apps for your consideration.Once the lowly second fiddle to Apple’s bustling App Store, Google Play (formerly Android Market) continues to go from strength to strength as more great Android smartphones like the HTC One X and tablets like the Asus Transformer Prime show what the Google-powered mobile platform is truly capable of.

If you’ve just bought a new Android smartphone or tablet and looking to pack it with the finest app offerings on Google Play, each month T3′s app experts will bring you the very best free and paid for Android apps available right now. Here’s what delights we have discovered this month.

The Miniclip hit has already been nestling in the Apple App Store, but finally brings the grenade chucking to Google Play. The simple premise is to blow up or ‘frag’ your enemies and with 370 levels and 12 different worlds to get through, there’s plenty to keep you occupied when you’ve got a spare commuting minute or two.
Price: Free | Fragger Android review


If you love auto-tune as much as Kanye West seemingly does, Songify lets you sing into your phone through the app and get the instant Kanye treatment. In-app purchases is your route to trying out more familiar tracks to bend your vocals to, so expect to invest to make the most of this simple, yet addictive app.
Price: Free | Songify Android review

Zombie Smash

Brought to you by the makers of Words With Friends, Zombie Smash is all about, well, bashing zombies. Collecting new weapons as you progress, there’s two campaigns to wage war against the undead with plenty of gooey (but comical) bloodshed to keep you coming back for more.
Price: £1.14 | Zombie Smash Android review

Smart Tools
Saving you from a trip to your local DIY store, Smart Tools is like a smartphone tool belt that includes amongst other handy things a Smart Ruler and a Smart Measure to make sure you make enough room for that new shelf in the kitchen.
Price: £1.69 | Smart Tools Android review

World Lens

Confused Android smartphone users can now raise their handsets in the sky on foreign soil, point their camera lens at the lingo on signs and have it translated back into the Queen’s English in the flash of an eye. The good news is of course that an in-app dictionary means there is no need to be on the Wi-Fi to use it.
Price: £2.99 | Download World Lens Android app

Pencil Sketch

Calling all aspiring artists who want don’t want to put the time or effort in to create a masterpiece, Pencil Sketch takes existing photos from your smartphone or tablet and gives them a pencilled makeover. You can also save the images and share them on Facebook on Twitter to suitably amaze friends with your new-found skill.

Word Lens
£2.99, Google Play
This genius translation app is now on Android and includes one language pack of Spanish, French or Italian. Point your camera at signs and menus when you’re out and about in Europe this summer and Word Lens will overlay the English onto the image. Where were the devs when we ate that unidentified mush last year?

Wrestling Revolution

64p, Google Play
Create wrestlers and tackle your opponents to the ground via swipes and pinches in Wrestling Revolution’s ten-fighter Battle Royale mode. South Park-style cartoon graphics and a choice of weapons (!) complete the set-up.

Dead Trigger
75p, Google Play
This brilliant value Android game needs a Tegra 3 device (like the Galaxy S III or HTC One X) to show off its zombie ragdoll effects, water simulation and lighting. After you’ve finished marvelling at the graphics, try to find some time to blow up, chop up and shoot down the undead.

£Free, Google Play
We’d rather forgotten about StumbleUpon – but with synced up mobile and web apps and this new photo-led Android UI it’s got us itching to “stumble” around the internet again. Kick things off by choosing from over 500 Interests – just don’t forget to get regular meals between browsing.

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