Top 10 Popular note-taking apps for Android


Technology has developed quickly over the course of recent years, paving a means for innovation and also establishing themselves on a stand. Gone are the days any time bringing a desperate note or a pad with an individual helped that you keep track of your own tasks as well as assignments. Currently, you just need your own device and you’ll in no way miss people important days again.

Due to the fact our tools are vital to the everyday lifestyles, the Google Participate in Store is completely brimming with note-taking apps. We’ve come up with a list of the top note-taking apps for your own Android device, thus you’ll never have a justification to not get notes again.


Undoubtedly, the first thing you will observe when searching for a note app to your Android device is Evernote. The nation’s highest amount of downloads and is also voted among the must-have Android app by New York Periods, making it the most used note-taking application. Evernote offers amazed a lots of its people with its ease and performance. Practically, it’s readily available for every program. You can save your own file on your hard drive and sync this to different products such as your iPhone or perhaps your BlackBerry regarding viewing or perhaps editing.

One among Evernote’s main capabilities is the capability to take photographs so you can affix it in your notes for research. You can also reveal your notes with your own colleagues through email or perhaps Facebook. Tweets may also be saved in Evernote. Evernote may also record speech reminders, so that you won’t forget the critical dates. Evernote’s disadvantage, however, will be unable to gain access to your rescued files with no Internet connection. Regarding offline gain access to, you’ll need to enroll in Evernote’s premium program at US$45 annually.

ColorNote Notepad Notes

If you are looking to the electronic form of a Post The idea, then this app must be it. The simple User interface and user-friendly selection makes it a excellent choice for folks always on the move. Creating a note is simply by one-two-three. ColorNote Notepad Notes comes with very small, beautiful gadgets which make that convenient to write anytime for the day while providing you the ultimate liberty to choose the colour of the note. In the event that you’re going shopping, employ ColorNote Notepad Notes to make sure that you’ve obtained all the items you’ll need. If you want, you might secure your current notes with a password, named a Locknote, which is extremely important especially if you will likely be storing discreet information. That surely will what it is predicted of a piece of paper and best of, you don’t ought to spend a nickle to own this.

Catch Notes Notepad

If a easy and elegant software is what a person seek within a note app, Catch Notes is the answer. Get Notes doesn’t only appear visually attractive but it also features a functional dash for quick use of features. This enables you to add multiple images and speech recordings in a note. You can also empowered Catch Notes for you you crucial reminders. Trying to find notes had never been recently so easy till Catch Notes; you’ll be able to filter your pursuit results alphabetically, through stars or perhaps by labels.

The free form of Catch Notes can produce up to 3 water ways for expressing notes and working with other allies. You have the replacement for upgrade the actual app to Catch Expert, allowing you to generate 10 channels and attach Office/PDF documents or Get Premier for 50 optimum streams along with 5 MB storage space of new details monthly. A person won’t ever concern yourself with running out of safe-keeping space for your notes.

AK Notepad

Work well . app from creator is AK Notepad. Customers have been enthused about how amazingly simple but very helpful and surgical it is. A lot of have experimented with downloading various note apps however ended up trashing everything except that one. You have the flexibility to change their theme as outlined by your preference. It is possible to import and also export the actual notes, set up a private data and safely back notes through to, or keep these things saved on your own SD card. And that means you can obtain your notes when and wherever you want. Pace and connection is very extensive.

AK Notepad comes with amazing widgets and you will always pin number your favorite along with important notes about the homescreen. You won’t must root close to to find in which note that you really need to have. The things a person can’t do, however, is resizing your widgets. AK Notepad features minimal dimensions options and also lacks a chance to place your notes within folders however otherwise, AK Notepad is designed for typing these random notes or perhaps thoughts. Furthermore, AK Notepad is free.

Note Everything

Developed by developer SoftXPerience, Note Everything is wonderful for everyday employ, especially at times when you need to look at notes. Note Everything does how it’s told to complete, from producing text and also voice notes to be able to drawing with the finger and also making to-do listings. It persistently saves your own files, quick, without any queries, and starts a file immediately.

Although it permits you to email as well as text your own notes, this is not a great app for innovative users since it has no sync along with export perform. This may be a thing you’ll want to consider, particularly if intend to talk about your work and also collaborate with other people. Regardless, a large amount of users wind up upgrading in order to Note Everything’s paid registration. It makes it possible for password security for your notes and also lets you remain your memorandums to the standing bar. An important feature about Note Everything is you may share the notes with the Dropbox software so you have a replicate of your notes where you go.

InkPad Notepad – Notes – To do

You’ll completely like to own the InkPad Note pad app on your unit. This app can be user-friendly and just like in real papers, you don’t must press everything just to save your own note. Its auto-save function makes it stay ahead of the rest of the bunch and permits you to type anything without worrying concerning saving that.

The free sort of InkPad NotePad sustains unlimited syncing and has a background feature if you use it online. Oh yea, and the synchronizing function is programmed; you don’t need to do it physically every time you end composing a note. The actual app also has a great auto-rotate screen placing, which is unusual for note-taking apps. InkPad NotePad’s working style can make it very handy for the individual because of its checklist system. Simply verify or uncheck your current notes to eliminate them or move the crooks to the bottom. This kind of app has a fairly small quality, occupying just 19 kilobytes, which is excellent if you’re just after a basic note-taking app.

Note Pad

Does the identify sound familiar? There’s silly for you to neglect that food list or perhaps those crucial meeting agendas as you can shop all those specifics in the palm of one’s hand. That is certainly, unless you didn’t remember to bring the phone.

Note Pad by creator perfectly copies the concept of a true writing pad. You are able to tweak the particular app to a text message size of your decision and easily kind your notes out and about. Note Pad also has a chance to import along with export your own notes from your Facts. You can send out your notes through email to ensure you’ve got a backup or to reveal them with pals and co-workers. There won’t be any hidden advertising in Note Pad, or does it ask for any phony, questionable read write. Note Pad is not best, however. It’s consequently simple and easy that it is lacking in some vital features. Pass word protection as well as encryption is particularly important for consumers who like to hold personal information on their own mobile devices. Note Pad may also benefit drastically from a sync function.

Mobisle Notes-Notepad

Another amazing note-taking app is Mobisle Notes-Notepad simply by Mobisle Apps who have additionally made Mobisle Notes-Gdocs Note pad. This app in addition features a very easy, back to fundamental note pad, enabling you to jot down notes, ideas, daily activities and to-do listings in a flicker. You can arrange your notes inside folders along with secure accounts. Mobisle Notes-Notepad also has a international search box in case you are having difficulty browsing through your substantial collection of notes. In case you’re done with a note, just delete that by checking out it off. You’ll be able to share your current notes with your friends on the web via a Web address. You can also work together with them upon a project. Mobisle Notes-Notepad offers automatic sync capabilities which is ideal for shared notes. In addition, it has the additional feature involving converting figures into clickable backlinks for switch or conserve options. Mobisle Notes-Notepad’s downside, however, is you need to pay close to US$2 to have an ad-free app. The particular app however is much more than worthwhile.


From the expression itself, Notes will be a replica from the common piece of paper we have upon our desktop computers. Made by Dev Yuli, Notes’ significant features consist of importing notes through SMS, photograph notes, and file encryption. Notes has wonderful backup assistance and gives the option to foreign trade data in your memory card. Additionally, it runs really smoothly, yet needs a tiny improvement in the interface.

Notes characteristics easy access regarding opening, trashing and enhancing notes and a built-in prompt function. You’ll be able to label the notes for easy business and have these protected with a security password. Notes is a fundamental app built for those who don’t want note-taking for you to feel like a task. You don’t perhaps need to study how to’s while Notes is very simple to work with. Notes’ cons would be the inability to send out your notes through email as well as sync them on the web. You can simply keep your Notes to be able to yourself, that will be a drawback if you want to share your current notes and adjust them with others.


Questioning what the Grams means? You got it right. GNotes is a note-taking/organizer app that permits easy synchronization with your current Gmail account. You simply need to set up your bank account and there you are, every note one enters is kept in your Gmail bank account, allowing you to very easily share your own notes online with friends. GNotes lets you accomplish a lot of things, via image attracting to portray. You can connect audio or perhaps video files. GNotes facilitates a lot of record types and offers the user the flexibleness to choose between checklist view as well as thumbnail view. Customers can also set up their notes in accordance with priorities. You’ll be able to stick a solitary note on your property screen-perfect for those critical appointments you must never miss. GNotes posseses an elegant, plain and simple interface, as well as lets you generate folders to arrange your notes. GNotes is very recommended for people who like for you to stream his or her notes.

With so many note-taking apps for the Google Play Keep to choose from, abandon that large notebook both at home and keep your notes with an individual, everywhere you go. In case your favorite note-taking app didn’t get to the list, talk about it with us all in the comments beneath.

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