Top 10 shopping apps for android 2012


Whether you’re shopping for groceries or the next technological gadget that you have to have, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 shopping apps that are a must if you’re a frequent shopper or just want to find the best deals. The apps listed below can help you shop in stores and online.

RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner (Free)
This is one of the most popular apps out there for not only scanning barcodes but QR codes, as well. The app can check current prices on any item that you scan in and let you know where to find the best price out there so you don’t overspend for your items. As I mentioned, along with searching barcodes, the application can also read QR codes that may contain text, URLs, or anything else that can be hidden in those barcodes. It’s an all-around great app that should be the essential for any user.most wonderful time of the year upon us, finding the top Black Friday or Holiday shopping deals can be exhausting. As a shopaholic myself, identifying the shortest point from me to the sought after gift often trumps the work involved in determining lowest price or best deal I love how easy these iPhone 4s shopping apps (and yes Android too) make Black Friday and every other shopping day!

1. Black Friday App (iPhone and Android)
Take advantage of all top Black Friday deals with the Black Friday App. There’s no need to scan through the newspaper when you have the power to find up to the minute deals at all of your favorite stores.

2. Google Shopper (iPhone and Android)

Black Friday shopping has never been easier then with Google Shopper. Simply take a picture of anything from CDs, DVDs video games or a barcode of the item you are looking for. Another fun way to shop with this app is through voice recognition. You can speak the name of the product you’re looking for and watch Google Shopper work it’s magic in locating it!

3. Coupon Sherpa (iPhone and Android)

Say goodbye to coupon clipping with this mobile app! With Coupon Sherpa you can download coupons directly to your iPhone or Android. Find offers for nearby stores, select the coupons you want to use and the cashier will scan them directly from your smartphone.

4. WHERE (iPhone and Android)

WHERE is a social site that allows users to share their favorite local places. With WHERE you can find great local spots to eat, drink, and play plus take advantage of exclusive deals from local businesses.

5. Foursquare

This social mobile app turns into your Black Friday deal finder. Check in at each store you walk into for deal alerts and exclusive offers to users that check in through Foursquare.

6. Amazon Mobile (iPhone and Android)
There’s never a reason to wonder what the cheapest online price for a product is with this handy app. The Amazon Shopping App allows you to quickly search and comparison shop millions of products through Shop by barcode, text or snapping a picture.

7. Red Laser (iPhone and Android)
Red Laser is a barcode scanner that will identify the item you are looking for and then comparison shop both online as well as locally.

8. Shop Nearby (iPhone)

There’s nothing more frustrating to a shopper then driving around town to locate an item. With Shop Nearby you can quickly identify where to find a particular item and then compare prices against other stores.

9. Shopkick (iPhone and Android)

Saving money has never been more fun then using this app to earn KickBucks. With Shopkick you can walk in and instantly be rewarded with exclusive deals within thousands of your favorite stores. Open the shopkick app once you walk into the store and you’re instantly rewarded with exclusive offers. Kickbucks can be redeemed for restaurant vouchers, gift cards and more!

10. Starbucks Card Mobile (iPhone and Android)

This app is important in its ability to caffeinate and rejuvenate any weary shopper. With the Starbucks Mobile App you can check your card balance, reload your card, view your transactions or most importantly just scan your purchase from your phone and GO SHOP!

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