Top 10 stock market apps android 2012


The Android marketplace is filled with thousands upon thousands of finance apps. If you’re the type that enjoys managing money, watching stock prices or saving money, you’ll find that there are countless apps out there that can help. So, which ones are the best? Which ones are worth the download? To make things easier, listed below are 10 great finance apps that you should have on your Android phone:

Stock Quote – A stock app that features real-time updates, technical charts and a market overview. This is a must have for investors that pay close attention to the stock market.

Mint – Combine all of your financial accounts into one platform. Categorize transactions, set budgets and meet savings goals. Mint also helps you save money on bills and will occasionally send the best credit cards offer for you based on your settings.

Expensify – An expense app that helps record mileage, scans receipts and even logs purchases with a click of a button. This is a great app to consider for those who run a small business and need to keep track of write-offs.

ShopSavvy – Find hot deals in your local area by entering a bar code or snapping a picture. ShopSavvy will list online stores along with their prices to help you save money.

Bloomberg – Keep up to date with business and finance news. This free app also include in-depth tracking tools and a powerful stock finder.

Easy Currency – Offers exchange rates in real-time with over 150 countries. Convert up to 10 currencies with a few clicks.

PayPal – Those who have a PayPal account should highly consider this powerful app. Send money to your friends, manage your balance and even deposit checks with a photo.

Mobile Banking – Have more than one bank account? This personal finance app allows you to connect all of your bank accounts and have everything show up on one screen.

Gas Finder – Don’t overpay for gas ever again. Boot up this app, and find the best gas prices within your local area.

Checkbook – If you’re still old-fashioned and enjoy balancing your checkbook with paper, this app works in the same way. The only difference is that you can save trees, and use your phone instead.

The list can go on and on. As you can see, there is a large variety of finance apps. Whether you want something revolving around investing or your checkbook, the options are endless. If you don’t have any of the apps mentioned above, consider downloading some of them toda

Read more at YORK (TheStreet)– What are the biggest apps for the Google(GOOG_) Android platform when it comes to keeping an eye on the stock market? Here are a few ideas from TheStreet.Stock alert will send alerts to your phone when stocks and currencies hit certain price levels you select. This app also includes commodities data, though one user complains about the absence of wheat prices. While there was a bug in the alerts system, that has been fixed, according to the website AppBrain. Other apps by Pocketools include Stock Alert Pro and Currency Converter.

Pfinance lets you manage your expenses m track stocks and keep an eye on hot deals. It also includes calculators for everything from loans to interest payments to tips. Some users complained about the stock charts feature, but 887 users overall gave this app four and a half stars out of five.

Stock Quote is a free app helps you track stocks, markets, currencies and commodities, providing real-time after-hour and pre-market quotes. It also provides news from both traditional news outlets and social networking sites. It gets four stars out of five from 1,528 Google users. Among functions praised by users are offline news and the fact that the fund charts actually work.

Finance for Android is a free app with streaming real-time stock quotes, speedy chart access and up to the minute company and market news. Nearly half of the app’s more 10,000 users gave it five stars out of five. The overall rating is four out of five. One of the drawbacks, according to user Veb, is that while the App syncs with Google Finance, it does not show data for model portfolios.

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