Top 5 air travel apps reviews 2012


Recently I have seen a lot of travelers carrying their iPad on their trips and using them quite often on flights, terminals etc. Although the primary purpose is to listen your personalized music and play movies but you can really use your tablet while visiting an unknown destination. In this blog post I am going to share with you the top 5 iPad travel apps in 2012. While sharing my list I am going to assume that you already have an Internet connection in your hotel wi-fi room because nearly all of them requires access to the web.

1. Flight+ for iPad
Flight+ is one of the easiest to navigate app for finding flights, searching various airports and getting live updates for any particular aircraft all across the planet. What makes this app shine above others is the simple user friendly layout making your searches a lot faster and productive. You can browse through different airports and look up the lie flight board for departures and arrivals. Almost all the airports in the world are covered making this a traveller’s handy bible for air travel. Once you do locate a particular flight you can bookmark it in your personalized flight board which can be accessed later on. The iPad notification feature also reminds you whenever a bookmarked plane lands or departs from any airport. Flight+ also updates you with the current gate of any plane and this happens live, which means that in case a gate is changed you will be notified or alerted.Specific flight menus, shows the final and departure destination along with timings. The best part is that you get to experience a live update of the flight position on a Google map interface. Flight+ is one of the most essential travel apps that you should definitely have.All thanks for making Flight+ such an enormous success in App Stores worldwide. Any suggestions for future updates can be mailed to: We will review every suggestion and are constantly busy improving Flight+!

2. XE Currency Converter
Whenever you are traveling abroad one fundamental thing that you need to take care of is foreign currency exchange. I mean,every shop I visit outside my country, I am always using their calculator and finding the prices in Indian rupee. One iPad app that saves us from the hassle of raw math calculation is XE Currency Converter. This is the easiest currency exchange generator I have ever seen. The application is very fast to use and updates you with live rates which refreshes every 30 seconds.The main dashboard allows you to configure a bunch of currencies at the bottom. The top bar represents your base currency which can also be changed from the settings panel. The main bar allows you to type in any numbers along with basic mathematical operations like addition, multiplication etc. and outputs the live conversion rates in the bottom panel. As I told you earlier the bottom panel can be customized to add multiple currencies and all the tabs displays the rate for your base amount in the top panel. It might sound a bit complicated when I am writing and trying to explain all these but the reality is that XE Currency Converter is superb simple and effective in finding live rates.

3. Yelp
Whenever you agree in a foreign destination it is always advised to have some knowledge of your surroundings. Instead of asking locals all the time one app that solves this problem is called Yelp. Yelp lists all your local (your iPad’s current destination) stuff like restaurants, local business, food courts, malls etc. I mean you name it and there has to be a listing on Yelp. The destinations are also categorized based on user reviews so that you know exactly what to expect. For example I tried searching for a Sushi restaurant in Bangkok and found at least 20 of them. With the help of user reviews and ratings inside the Yelp system I finally visited a restaurant in central Bangkok and the dishes were yummy. Yelp also makes sure that all the destinations are appropriately marked on Google Maps so that you can set directions for that place and discover it even in an unknown area. Yelp is a Swiss knife kind of an travel app for any traveller.

4. Trippy for iPad
This app is getting a lot of attention recently, not just amongst travel birds but also the common masses. Trippy is a totally new concept, the first of its kind that changes the way you do travel planning and management like you did for all these years. The first time you launch this app, you are surely going to be impressed by its intuitive design and fluid smooth interface. Make sure that you start using this app from the moment you begin your travel planning. I would suggest Trippy to holiday makers more than business travelers. The app does a great job for photo browsing and some local advice for any destination you are planning to visit.

5. TripIt – Travel Organizer
TripIt is dominating the digital traveling app market for a very long time now. Since its launch in 2008 this application is clearly the best solution for organizing your travel and holiday plans. As the name suggest, TripIt is a fully functioning travel organizer that allows you to save flights, trains, notes, maps, routes etc. The way this app does all of that is outstanding. The interface is nothing fancy but clean which uses most of the default Apple iOS designing and navigation techniques.

If you’re planning a trip or going away on business, these apps just might come in handy. Downloading travel guides, checking the status of your flight or simply playing games during a journey.We take a look at some of The Best travel apps for your ios devices.Named one of the Top 5 Air Travel apps by CNN! Now with real-time flight status and push notifications!From the real-time flight status information, to the push notifications for important flight information, to the structured airport amenity database – there is no other app that delivers what GateGuru does for travelers.
GateGuru has been revolutionizing the airport and day-of travel experience since 2009. We created GateGuru to serve as the most valuable resource available to travelers, from the minute you embark on your journey until the minute you arrive at your destination. The application allows you to receive real-time flight status information (including push notifications), view your TripIt and KAYAK itineraries, view / post airport security wait times, see a structured list of airport food, shops and services – including over 30,000 reviews and tips and 5,000 photos from fellow travelers on airports, terminals, and airport amenities and much more!

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