Top 5 android apps nexus one


I just got my Google Nexus One a couple days ago and I’m already enjoying it. It’s not better than the iPhone but certainly at par with it in terms of features and capability. And just like when got my iPhone – I immediately look around for great apps to download.To help you decide which Nexus One apps to install on your brand new unit, here are my top ten Android Apps so far.I just joined the Android family with the purchase of the new Nexus One cell phone from Google. I wanted to know if anyone can suggest their best app picks for a phone like this?Seriously, even the paid ones – If you don’t like a paid app, you can “return” it (uninstall it) within 24 hours and you will get a complete refund on the purchase. (Although you can only do that once per app – If you buy it again, you can NOT return the app.)My favorites include: Google Sky Maps, Shazam, Google Goggles, bebbled, Space Physics, FxCamera, Slacker Radio, Aldiko book reader, TuneWiki, Google Voice, FeedR News Reader, Daily Strip (comic strip reader), Meebo IM, Barcode Scanner (the Zxing Team one), Steamy Windows is a good time-waster, for old shows, SuperDial – WAY better than the stock phone dialer!, Pandora Radio, and of course Market Suggest which will look at what you have installed and suggest other programs you might like ;)

What is a smartphone without a Twitter app? While there are several of them available at the Android Market, Twidroid is possibly the best. It’s robust, fast and has all nice eye-candy that you would look for in a smartphone app for Twitter. Twidroid is a full-featured Twitter app for Nexus One and other Android smartphones. Some of its features include – postings, mentions and DMs, view user profiles, follow/unfollow, native retweet option, threaded view for DM and more. It’s available as a free and paid premium versions. The paid premium version cost $4.95 but gives you Lists, multi-account suport, and some other advanced features.

Facebook for Android

Correct me if I’m wrong please. This app I believe comes preloaded in the Nexus One, right? Because I don’t remember getting it from the Android Market. Anyway, like Twidroid this could possibly be the best Facebook app for Android. It lets you stay connected and share information with your Facebook friends, share status updates from your home screen, check out your news feed, look at your friends’ walls and user info as well as share photos from your Android phone. Best of all this is a free app.

Google Goggles

When I got this app, I’m not the only one who was immediately impressed by it. Even my wife exclaimed how cool this app was. Google Goggles lets you use pictures taken using your Nexus One’s camera to search for entries about that picture. It’s best when searching for information about a product using its barcode. But you can also just take pictures of other consumer products and most often than not, you’d get a reliable search result. Works best with books and DVDs, logos, landmarks and more. Believe me, you’d be impressed at how this app analyzes the picture you take.

Places Directory

Another great Android app to install on your Nexus One. At first I thought it would not work in the country where I am (definitely not U.S.) but it actually did. Using my Nexus One’s GPS feature, it was able to locate bars, restaurants, coffee shops and other establishments nearest to where I am at the moment. It’s a great app to have for finding best places to visit whether you are dining, drinking or watching movies. It even lets you rate those establishments you’ve visited.

ES Task Manager
This is a pretty simple and yet useful app that you might want to use on your Nexus One. It lets you kill active applications and even those running in the background. You can kill apps one by one or simply kill all. Why would you want to do that? To save some battery life of course whenever you are not using other apps which remained open and running.

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