Top 5 best android apps for scientists 2012


A few science apps for the Android mobile phone operating system. Some of these I have, some I don’t , and some I really would like to check out. Feel free to add more that you know of in the comment section. Better yet, make a wishIf you like to dork out, you know that science isn’t just limited to physics or chemistry. With several other branches, science attempts to explain our world and show us how things work. Science wasn’t just that subject you had to struggle through in school-it’s something all around us. If you’re the type of mind who wants to absorb more information about things smaller than the human eye can see or about the galaxy that’s far beyond the reach of our telescopes, you’ll be thrilled to find the Google Play Store stocked full of apps for you. There are thousands of science facts for you to learn and more than you can share with your children, family, and friends. Rediscover science through the best Android apps for science lovers like you.

New Scientist
We have heard a lot about the super genius scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. It’s kind of tiring to hear their names and contributions over and over again, but what is great to hear is news about new scientific discoveries and new inventions. New Scientist brings all of these fresh new stuff to your Android device for your convenience. You don’t have to search for the very latest science and technology news because this app does it all for you.

As science has so many branches and fields, people may think that no app could possibly contain all of that information. WolframAlpha makes the impossible a reality. It’s even compared to the super computer that you see in Star Trek. That’s no exaggeration because based on the 25 years of development led by Stephen Wolfram, WolframAlpha could probably answer almost all your scientific queries. This app has a huge collection of algorithms and data, allowing it to compute mathematical problems and provide answers to users.WolframAlpha can give you answers to your problems in statistics, physics, chemistry, engineering, astronomy, life sciences, and several other science fields. Part of WolframAlpha is even used by Siri, the famous intelligent personal assistant for iPhone users.

SkEye Planetarium | Astronomy
If you like gazing at the stars but are not very familiar with your constellations, SkEye can help you out. SkEye can guide you exactly where the stars and planets are located in the sky. It is an advanced planetarium and it’s an excellent reference if you have no idea about what you’re looking at. The great thing about this app is that it can actually be used as “Push To” guide for a telescope just by simply attaching it to the optical tube assembly (OTA).SkEye features a real time Alt-Azimuth, equatorial grid and coordinates, Messier objects, New General Catalogue (NGC) of Nebulae and Cluster of Stars, and solar objects. Developers will soon be adding more deep sky objects, satellites, and asteroids. It also has a search feature where an arrow guides you through your search. SkEye is free to download from the Google Play Store.

Get closer to our nearest celestial neighbour with regularly updated images of its surface and information about each of its different phases.


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