Top 5 ipad adventure games


So 2012 is here and the Ipad is becoming more and more popular and of course cheaper to purchase. There are a lot of reasons someone may want to own one, ranging from the ability to read e books on it, the easy access to the world wide web it offers it’s users and yes, all the apps and games! There are seriously an endless amount of games out there but that just makes it harder to choose which one you want to play, does it not? Well for that reason alone I have compiled a list of top 10 Ipad games for 2012. I have played every single one of these games and let me tell you, they are unreal. The amazing HD graphics and depth of these games will truly wow you. Some of the names you may recognize like Angry Birds Rio, but some new and improved ones have also made their way onto this top 10 list as well!The iPad 3 was just released and it is exploding on the market. With it just coming out you better believe that there are a bunch of games that people are looking for as well! Well we have them here for you. The new version features much better graphics making your gaming experience that much better. I want to get one myself but I am still all about the 2nd one and have no need to upgrade just yet! Check out all of the games below which we hope will satisfy your iPad 3 gaming needs. Oh and if you have not bought one yet or at least checked one out, do it! It is seriously unreal.Angry Birds Rio HD – So most everyone has heard of Angry Birds right? Well there is not been much change between any of the Angry Birds games and the concept is still the same; sling shot different types of birds with different powers towards structures to knock them down and free the birds within them. With a ton of new levels and top of the line graphics Angry Birds Rio is still one of the top games on the market.Real Racing 2 HD – This might possibly be the top racing game for i Pad games out there and will live up to anyone’s expectations.

Through the use of the built in gyroscope and accelerometers, players can easily have the feel of a cars steering wheel and you can even set the game up to respond to tilting backwards or forwards for braking and accelerating. The game itself has amazing graphics as well as a surprisingly realistic look and feel to it.Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD – Grand Theft Auto is back with complete updates to the game specifically so that it plays top notch on the Ipad 2. The game shares all the same features that any Grand Theft Auto game does which is simply going around doing missions for different thugs and what not with car explosions and the whole works. With more missions and even better graphics and design, players cannot go wrong with this amazing top-down camera view game.Infinity Blade II- This is the game which really pushes the outer limits of the device and it truly makes this game shine in more ways than one. Within Infinity Blade II, players simply take the role of an armored knight whom makes his way through enemy after enemy taking them on one at a time using a heavy yet powerful sword and of course a shield you are provided in the game. The graphics are one thing Plants vs Zombies HD – Plants vs Zombies is a game where players simply defend their home from the invasion of zombies by planting up to 49 different types of plants that all have different abilities. The game features 4 game modes including adventure, mini games, survival and quick play. There are 26 different zombies that try to reach your door and each are unique in their own way. The game has anime style graphics and is actually very addicting. Do you have what it takes to defend your house from this mob of zombies?that needs to be talked about within this game because they truly are remarkable. This is definitely my favorite game out of the top 10.Tales of Monkey Island 1 HD – This is a great adventure video game for the iPadwhere players assume the role of a protagonist in an interactive story. For the most part, exploring the 3 dimensional world and solving puzzles is what takes up your time in this game but there is also a very in depth story line. If you are looking for a more in depth game then this is right down your ally. This game truly has too many features to list in this short paragraph but if you are interested in graphic adventure games then I would easily recommend Tales of Monkey Island 1 HD.Galaxy on Fire 2 – This is the sequel to the all so popular Galaxy on Fire and has come through huge with all new weapons and ships as well as a wide variety of missions to play. For those of you who don’t know what this game is all about, players simply take the role of a space pilot whom has become lost in space and is doing everything in his power to not be enslaved by an evil race he has been confronted by. Players can use the accelerometer (measures proper acceleration) within the Ipad to guide their ship while playing Galaxy on Fire 2 but the on screen analog can also be used to do so. This game has gotten great ratings and is liked by most people that play it.

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