Top 5 secret uses of the apple ipad

Top-secret-uses-of-the-apple-ipad-featured.jpg To check out the full LTA video on the iPAD click here or Check out my latest Vlog: Todays Stories: Pic of Nun Punching a Shark: Alabama Gambling Debacle: Paul Shirley is a D-Bag: Email your entries to philipdefranco@gmail.comMy 13 year young and brilliant boy of a happy homeschooler and I have just discovered you and your ballsy, breezy brand of wicked wit.

Very funny young man.
You are destined for the fab future of your marvelous making … mmmmmm …Mr. Defranco!!!!
wait… was there really a market gap between netbooks and smartphones?!?! so its more capeable than a phone,,, but less powerful than a netbook…
i’ll tell you exactly what else it can do…. FAIL

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