Top 5 strategy games for ipad


There are plenty of turn-based apps based on the classic Risk board game, but the gorgeous Conquist 2 will be the one you’ll keep coming back to.You can choose any one of eight maps to fight over, either against bots – computer-based armies – or by sharing the screen with friends. There are three objectives: fight a bloody battle for world domination, colonise a map nation by nation, or defend a castle. There’s also a version where you win by completing a secret mission, with the twist being that you don’t know the mission of the other players, so while you could sneak a win when it looks like you’re on the point of defeat, you could also have victory snatched away at any time.
The game follows the basic rules of Risk, so it’s simple to get straight into, but you can tweak the settings to allow lots of variations, and there are plenty of background stats that let you analyse your success.
You can play the game online too, and gain ranking points when you beat other players. But really, this game is best spent alone, pitting your strategic wits against your iPad.It’s unclear if Apple realized it was essentially creating a whole new gaming platform when it came up with third-party applications for iOS devices, but that is exactly what has happened. As with the iPhone and iPod Touch before it, the iPad has been flooded with games, and we’re here to help you sort through the thousands of games to help you figure out which ones are really worth bothering to download.

This time we’re bringing you a mixture of action games to get your adrenaline pumping as you fight to survive, or try your hand at straining your mind with some strategy.

Please note that developers do change pricing on their apps from time to time, and while these were all free at the time this was written, do double check the price before clicking download.

All links will take you to the iTunes page for more information and a link to download the app.
dventure Bay for iPad: Build up your island paradise to attract tourists, assemble a crew to set sail and look for treasure, unlock exclusives and more.
Aqueduct 101: Try to build a working aqueduct system while being stymied by walls, conveyor belts and more obstacles.
FarmVille: We’re not quite sure many people would qualify FarmVille as “strategy”, but Zynga, the company behind the game, does. TechnoBuffalo doesn’t believe in promoting addictive drugs, but yet, here’s FarmVille on one of our lists. You can access your current Facebook farm so you can play any time, or create a whole new farm to see what all the hoopla is about.
Lux Touch: Lux Touch is a game of world conquest … that only slightly resembles a certain famous board game of world conquest. If you’re a fan of “Risk”, you’ll love this game.
Tap Reed HD: Populate your reef with fish and grow it, try to get them to fall in love and other fun activities.
Hi I’m in the market for a new strategy game. I’m a PC gamer who has run out of time and now just got an iPad and playing games on that instead. No time to game on PC any more! I’ve played battle for Wesnoth which is good but looking for something new and more strategic. Civilization looks interesting but reviews are mixed and it is very expensive – $13! A new game just released also looks good – History Egypt HD which is only $4.99 but not got any reviews yet. I cant find a good review site for strategy games on the iPad so if anyone knows one it would be much appreciated – I really would like to know where to get my strategy gaming fix! If anyone has tried Egypt HD and has any thoughts they would be good to hear too.

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