Top android apps for architects

Being an enthusiastic Android enthusiast I recieve rather frustrating nowadays the other &ldquoi&rdquo programs are almost the only real programs talked about in lots of e-zines + newspaper articles. Android may be the quickest growing from the os’s if this involves mobile phones and pills, and instructions an astonishing 68.1% from the share of the market. Yet whatever you here about is &ldquoi&rdquo application this and &ldquoi&rdquo application that.Being an Android enthusiast as well as an Architect, I really like while using android programs on my small HTC for play and work if this involves architecture. Many occasions when I am on the go and i have to check something, It’s my job to do not have my laptop close by. But that’s almost no more problem nowadays, as Google Play (formally the Android Market) almost comes with an answer for your, with lots of architecturally related programs.Here’s where my frustration has develop a small solution, I’ve put together a listing of the items at this time I have found as some very handy Android programs which I am certain will help many &ldquoAndroid Designers&rdquo available like myself.Please add your comments, as well as suggestions to ensure that we might share our Android application encounters with this architect co-workers.Within the craze prior to the apple iphone 5&primes anticipated release a week ago, we requested our Facebook Fans the very best factor regarding their smartphone (if this involves their professional lives a minimum of).

The solution was extremely in support of one key feature: your camera. From nipping shots on-site to capturing for inspiration (or simply to keep in mind later), the simplicity of getting a camera inside your phone makes your lives much simpler (and Apple fans rejoice, because the new apple iphone 5&primes stand-out new feature is its souped-up camera, with low-light and panorama modes). Many also pointed out the advantage of getting email, maps, along with a compass always at hands.
But aside from these standard features, we got expected with a really helpful Applications which are altering how you work. We have (not so scientifically, we’ll admit) put together them right into a top ten list&hellipcheck following the break to determine what Applications made the cut!

Autodesk AutoCAD WS

Whether you utilize AutoCad, ArchiCad, Microstation or Vectorworks, there’s always b .dwg form of enter file. Here you are able to annotate, review + comment sketches on the run, as well as when desperate have last second minor changes!


Site photos and photos of architecture generally undertake a brand new dimension. Discussing images with Clients is extremely easy, also it nice also to acquire some feedback in your photos from co-workers and buddies. But, an application that’s also somewhat fun!

Getting the opportunity to access a web-based file store within this era is important. Getting this &ldquoonline portable hard disk&rdquo means that you could also access documents from almost anywhere, and save a couple of forests for individuals advanced customers.

Architect Quotes

Another application, that’s more just for fun, along with a little but in addition some understanding. There arent a lot of quotes, but you will find enough to let you ponder, analyse, and discuss at work + with co-workers.

Bridge Architect
You will find very few &ldquofun&rdquo architectural type applications, however this is! Fun and straightforward, so you reach challenge that structural engineering education you had in second year of college!

Steel Sections
This is just another fantastic little reference application, for when you really need to evaluate some steel section dimensions. Simple, effective + very helpful.

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